Port Townsend Architecture and Gardens…

Lots of photos for you and few words to go with them. I’ll just let you enjoy.

I think this was my favorite home we happened by on Saturday morning. I love the porch and the great yard.

It was interesting to see how many inns and old homes were up for sale. We wondered how people survive in out of the way locations like these, especially in this economy.

Happy Tuesday to all of you!

San Francisco ~ Haas-Lilienthal Victorian House

ABC Wednesday ~ V is for Victorian

As featured on A&E’s America’s Castles’ “Castles by the Bay,” this exuberant Queen Anne-style Victorian was built in 1886. It is the only intact private home of the period that is open regularly as a museum, complete with authentic furniture and artifacts. The House has elaborate wooden gables, a circular corner tower and luxuriant ornamentation. Volunteer docents lead tours through the House and explain the Victorian architecture of the exterior. A display of photographs in the downstairs supper-room describes the history of the home and the family that lived here until 1972.

The Haas-Lilienthal Family
From Victorian Sampler by Randolph Delahanty.
William Haas was born April 24, 1849, in the village of Reckendorf, Bavaria, to a family of modest means with many children…In 1865, sixteen-year-old William and an older brother, Abraham, sailed for New York City…He arrived in San Francisco on October 9, 1868, and joined the grocery firm of Leopold Loupe and Kalman Haas. His first recorded address, in Langley’s San Francisco Directory of 1869, was the Nucleus Hotel, on Third and Market. Please come take a tour to learn more about how William Haas built his life (and his home) in San Francisco.

William Haas entrusted Bavarian architect Peter R. Schmidt and contractors McCann & Biddell to build his home in 1886.

The house withstood the 1906 Earthquake with only slight damage. However, the home was threatened by the devastating fire, which followed the earthquake and destroyed about 40% of San Francisco. The Haas family watched the fire from the roof of their house, but was soon forced to evacuate by city authorities. So the family, along with most other San Francisco residents, went to the nearest public park, Lafayette Park, to camp out during the emergency. Later, they temporarily moved to a large house in Oakland while the City was reconstructed.

My husband was at a conference in San Francisco December 5th -9th. I met him there on saturday the 6th of December to celebrate our 34th wedding anniversary. On Sunday we went on a walking tour of some of the Victorian Homes in Pacific Heights. When we got to this home a lovely volunteer with the Foundation, Kaleene, told us about the Christmas Open House that was that very afternoon. Dear had to go to a meeting but I came back to the house for the event. While there I was given a mini-tour of the home. Here are some interior photos of this historic landmark.


Wine and food was served during the Open House.

Being Russian I was happy to see this great Samovar…

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