Before and After

Before we had the vinyl floor and this smaller area rug and our chairs still had the cloth upholstery on them.

more after 004

After with the wood floors, the larger area rug from the living room and our dining chairs recovered in leather. I should have put a less busy tablecloth on the table…

Before the new look with the kitchen cupboard open and Dear working in the kitchen.

before and afters 004

The new look in a new season judging from my bare feet instead of my comfy slippered feet.

This is the rug that was in the living room and is now in the dining area of our kitchen. We also gave the piano to our kids and moved a lot of stuff around.

Still the old look with yet another spot for the piano before we gave it away with the secretary in the far corner of the room. The antiqued white cabinet was still in it’s corner but we have decided to keep that piece out of the living room now.

New look 001

This is the new look with a smaller area rug we had elsewhere.  The Cabinet in the spot where the piano used to be will show in the next photos.

This is the before at this angle with the old floors.

more after 012

This is the new spot for the Secretary where the piano used to be.

Marseille-floors 026


more after 003




before and afters 014


That will be a wrap on the Before and Afters. It would have been good to take shots at the same angles but sometimes things just get away from you. Hope I didn’t make you dizzy or confused by the sequence. I know we will enjoy the new floors for years to come. We still have some finishing up of baseboards and closet work ongoing. It will be nice when this project is complete and we can enjoy nesting in this old house.



…and ready to support our family and friends for many more years!


Heading out the door to the upholstery shop. Poor chairs were pretty sad looking after over 30 years of service at family dinners, many birthday parties and other celebrations.


Home again with more support, covered with leather and decorated with lots of upholstery nails.

This one is to prove the sunshine came out on Friday after we picked up the chairs! As I look back over this post I see the sun was shining brightly on the day we took them to the shop also!

We’re happy with the new look and the new feeling of comfy support and soft leather.

We had a very good experience and would recommend Doran Patrick’s Custom Upholstery LLC in Seattle on Lake City Way!

After we brought our chairs home we went out to celebrate the sunshine and the chairs. Here are some sunlit scenes we saw on our way home from dinner. It was a lot brighter on the way to dinner…

Hope the weekend is going well. I’ll be watching that big game soon are you/did you watch, too? Mostly I’m interested in seeing the commercials! As I type that I find it ironic that the commercials are usually what I fast forward through on any other show we watch…

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Photobucket is holding many of my photos hostage with their mark across my originals. It will take me a long time to remedy this. 

The Five…

Today is Friday and I’m joining Susanne at Living to Tell the Story for her Friday’s Fave Five. It’s good to think back over the past week and see the good things in life that God has blessed you with to enjoy.

1. Vareniki have become traditional for my family to prepare together before Christmas and then to serve on Christmas Eve for dessert. My mom’s version are larger and fancier than these but when I don’t get my mom’s these are the next best thing. I can buy them at a European Deli not too far form my home. They call them perogies but the Russian on the upper left translates to Vareniki with cheese. After they are formed, filled with cheese and sealed they are boiled cooled and frozen. We like to serve them hot out of the oven after they are cooked from their frozen state with butter and 1/2 and 1/2. Then we plop some sour cream on top and cover them with good maple syrup. Delicious! We had these for breakfast last Saturday before we started in on cleaning out the garage loft.

2. When we crave a good meatball sandwich we drive to a pizza joint in Lynnwood. We’ve tried to find a good one closer to us but they always disappoint. These were delicious as usual. I brought half of mine home for another day. All my favorites aren’t about food but it seems the freezing snap we’ve had since last Friday made us seek out some of our favorite comfort foods.

3. Our favorite sons both have birthdays this week. We are so thankful that God blessed us with them. Each one is unique and appreciated!

4. I’m thankful for the local library where I can put books on hold and then check out to enjoy without spending lots of money. The book in the middle is co-authored by our friend Lela Gilbert. Lela has a new book out that I’ve ordered from Amazon called, Saturday People, Sunday People. I’ll share more about it after it arrives. Without Reservations was recommended to me by Susan in Switzerland after she read about our upcoming trip to Milan. The Unofficial Downton Abbey cookbook is just for fun.

5. We are excited about finally sending our chairs out to be reupholstered. They were in sorry shape after 36 years or so of wear and tear. We are looking forward to their new look and feel.

In the meantime the table is very lonely.

Looking forward to coming around and seeing your favorites this week. What’s in store for your weekend? Some of us in the U.S. get a long weekend since Monday is Martin Luther King, Jr. observance. Dear’s company doesn’t give him the day off. We hope to celebrate with Josh and Laura on Sunday if they are well enough. (Lousy illnesses gripping our world!) We also are plowing forward to try to  finish the clean up in the garage. Blessings!!