…and ready to support our family and friends for many more years!


Heading out the door to the upholstery shop. Poor chairs were pretty sad looking after over 30 years of service at family dinners, many birthday parties and other celebrations.


Home again with more support, covered with leather and decorated with lots of upholstery nails.

This one is to prove the sunshine came out on Friday after we picked up the chairs! As I look back over this post I see the sun was shining brightly on the day we took them to the shop also!

We’re happy with the new look and the new feeling of comfy support and soft leather.

We had a very good experience and would recommend Doran Patrick’s Custom Upholstery LLC in Seattle on Lake City Way!

After we brought our chairs home we went out to celebrate the sunshine and the chairs. Here are some sunlit scenes we saw on our way home from dinner. It was a lot brighter on the way to dinner…

Hope the weekend is going well. I’ll be watching that big game soon are you/did you watch, too? Mostly I’m interested in seeing the commercials! As I type that I find it ironic that the commercials are usually what I fast forward through on any other show we watch…

I’m linking to:

Sunlit Sunday at My Little Home and Garden

Mosaic Monday at Little Red House

Photobucket is holding many of my photos hostage with their mark across my originals. It will take me a long time to remedy this. 

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34 thoughts on “Transformed…

  1. Wow…what a difference! The chairs look great! I’m sure they will last another 30 years! Yes, we have some friends coming for dinner and to the game. The guys will be the watching, the other wife and I, visiting. Hubby and I just finished a make over, too, I will be sharing pics of that soon! Enjoy the game and let us know which commercial you liked best! 🙂

  2. I’m loving the make-over. I really like upholstery brads. The leather is so good-looking, and practical, too, for those family dinners.
    The Superbowl is going on as we speak. I watched the first half and then came away to the computer. I like the commercial where everyone was racing through the desert to get to the bottle of cola, and when they did, it said “50 miles that way”. The story of my life–always a little further to go…

  3. Ellen – those chairs look fantastic! I love the colour and the professional finishes. You must be so pleased with the outcome! We watched the game with some friends here over supper but we don’t get the same commercials as you do – sigh. They dub in the Canadian versions and they aren’t nearly as interesting.

  4. Beautiful, Ellen – just perfect! Now, you just need to get Mr. B to redo your dining room with the Old English wood paneling look, and you will have a traditional English setting for all your china!!!! 😉
    Have a great day.

  5. I’m studying your house .. somehow I felt like I’ve been there, but realized I have not. I did not know your table was in your kitchen. I always thought it was a seperate dining room.
    Your chairs turned out very nice and should last another thirty for sure!

  6. WOW! How beautiful your re-finished chairs look! This is definitely a dining set worth preserving –it looks like heirloom quality.

    I love your header family photo, Ellen!

  7. I really like how they turned out! All those upholstery nails are really nice! Your going to love how easy it is to wipe down the leather as compared to cloth!

  8. Oh Ellen, I love your chairs!!! They’re so handsome and elegant. I really like the new leather upholstery and nail heads; it really fits the style of the carved backs nicely.

    Your outdoor pics in the mosaic are beautiful — such a pretty area where you live. I’ve never been to Seattle, but my husband has been on business. Maybe someday I’ll get to visit there.

    Thanks so much for visiting me from Mosaic Monday, and I hope you have a wonderful week!


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