Before and After

Before we had the vinyl floor and this smaller area rug and our chairs still had the cloth upholstery on them.

more after 004

After with the wood floors, the larger area rug from the living room and our dining chairs recovered in leather. I should have put a less busy tablecloth on the table…

Before the new look with the kitchen cupboard open and Dear working in the kitchen.

before and afters 004

The new look in a new season judging from my bare feet instead of my comfy slippered feet.

This is the rug that was in the living room and is now in the dining area of our kitchen. We also gave the piano to our kids and moved a lot of stuff around.

Still the old look with yet another spot for the piano before we gave it away with the secretary in the far corner of the room. The antiqued white cabinet was still in it’s corner but we have decided to keep that piece out of the living room now.

New look 001

This is the new look with a smaller area rug we had elsewhere.Β  The Cabinet in the spot where the piano used to be will show in the next photos.

This is the before at this angle with the old floors.

more after 012

This is the new spot for the Secretary where the piano used to be.

Marseille-floors 026


more after 003




before and afters 014


That will be a wrap on the Before and Afters. It would have been good to take shots at the same angles but sometimes things just get away from you. Hope I didn’t make you dizzy or confused by the sequence. I know we will enjoy the new floors for years to come. We still have some finishing up of baseboards and closet work ongoing. It will be nice when this project is complete and we can enjoy nesting in this old house.

20 thoughts on “Before and After

  1. Your renovations are all beautiful, Ellen! I love the wood floors and new furniture arrangement in the living room. You must be enjoying it so much now that all the work is done. πŸ™‚

    • Vee, Dear plays some and our son and DIL play so we let them take the piano because they have more space for it. We still have a baby grand piano in storage that’s waiting for the right home, too. Our daughter Katie plays, too. Maybe in the future she’ll have a big enough space for the baby grand…

  2. it looks wonderful Ellen. I’m thinking your carpet is similar to ours and I love the hickory floors. Your changes have really opened up the rooms and made them look larger.

  3. Thanks for the tour! It all looks wonderful! I realized over the weekend that I have never shared pics of our addition and re-do. I was waiting til the decor was done. Still some to do, but I should post some pics anyway!

  4. It all looks wonderful. I agree with others above, everything looks brighter. Great choices.

    The carpet reminds me a bit of a choice we made about 3 years ago in our home back in Illinois (our daughter and son in law live there while we are overseas) – that is made from recycled plastic bottles. We’ve been very happy with it.

    I must keep the hickory wood in mind for the future; it’s really attractive πŸ™‚

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  6. I enjoyed this magazine like before and after post. I like how you have such bright warm colours on your walls. I want to paint but always worry I won’t like it so I stay safe. Your place looks so inviting. The new floors are beautiful and I like how you’ve taken what you have and moved it around to give more space and new looks. Great job! Now to just keep those feet up and enjoy.

  7. Well that is certainly pretty! You don’t make my kitchen decision any easier, you know. LOL But I’ve really appreciated the time you took to answer my question. I’ve got a lot to think about. Your home looks lovely! (in slipper season and out). πŸ™‚

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