Still Working…

2013-08-14 TV +oldies

…on some before and afters of our floors. These are just a few of the changes that I’m enjoying. I really like our new smaller TV stand and that the TV now fits tucked in nicely under the stairwell.


The stairs to the basement are a great improvement, too. The new chocolate carpet color enhances the walls and the tile in the basement.

2013-08-17 Rooms1

I’m still working on the right angles of the new shots of the living room compared to the old looks. I’ll share more soon. WE are really happy with the roomier feeling we’re getting in the living room.

We have had some “oye” moments around here. The Ikea storage units we bought for our closet in the spare room were off by 3/4 of an inch so now we need to make some adjustments to have them fit in the closet. Little things like that make a big impact on your planning.

My mom is hanging in there and my mom and pop have decided that they don’t need one of my siblings spending the night at the apartment anymore. My siblings still come by during the day to clean and cook for my parents. My pop is doing a lot better with the situation and walks to the store now that is close by to replenish milk, etc.

Katie and Andrew have made it to Denver and will be in Salt Lake City on Tuesday. We’re hoping to see them here by Saturday.

So many bloggy friends are talking about Fall already and I’m so surprised to hear about kids starting school. Are you looking ahead to Fall or are you still enjoying the long days of summer?

About Ellen am a wife, mother, baba (grandmother) and a loyal friend. Jesus is my King and my hope is in my future with Him.

7 thoughts on “Still Working…

  1. The house is all pulling together very well…had to take a closer look at what you meant about the tv, but I do see that it is tucked in there very nicely.

    Sounds as if your parents are in this new phase and doing well. That’s very cool. It shows the incredible presence of the Holy Spirit to guide them along. It will make overnights easier for everyone, including your parents. They can get back to their “new normal.”

    School begins here next week. Ugh. What is the matter with people? These kids didn’t get out until the end of June and they’re right back at it the third week of August. Makes me ill. It really does. Okay, enough venting in someone else’s blog… Sigh. ☺

  2. That’s a lot of books to put back in the shelves! The TV does fit in better with the new stand. Glad to hear your parents are doing okay.
    We are still enjoying summer and it’s hot here.

  3. I know house projects are exhausting but they are so worth it in the end. Your home is lovely, Ellen.
    You know I’m clinging to the last bits of summer so very tightly even as I look at lesson plans and collate papers.

  4. Isn’t it crazy how little tweaks like the new tv stand makes so much difference? Those ah-ha! changes…why were they not obvious all along?

    Glad your parents are feeling more stable in routine life. May that continue!

    I will wave in Katie’s general heading to WA direction later today! Wish they were heading west as a permanent move. Maybe someday?

  5. I am trying to keep on appreciating the summertime, but really truly longing for autumn to arrive. Of course, that could take another month or two or three here in So Cal, as you know. You are right – 3/4 of an inch isn’t really a small thing when exact measurements are necessary! I am glad you are enjoying the new changes around your home and look forward to more photos. Blessings to you, and your mom and pop as things move along in God’s timing.

  6. Thanks for another look at the renos….liking it all from my view. Fall…I’m still basking in summer, but fall is my favourite season.

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