An Oasis

The birds have found the watered section of our yard to be an oasis in the midst of our dry and parched land here in our corner of the world. They enjoy tucking away in the variegated willow on the cool wet leaves. The smoke has been oppressive the last couple days as the weather is changing and it seems to be stuck in place because of atmospheric pressure.

This command center has been set up in the junior high parking lot across the street from our church. Tents for the firefighters to rest in and there are food trucks and portable showers, etc.

Summer projects have come to a halt as it is unhealthy to work hard outdoors. We are looking forward to relief soon.

Hope all is well in the area you call home.


X marks approximately where we live and these are the fires that are in our county and surrounding counties.

Monday was the first day that we noticed how oppressive the smoke is and we also had a thin layer of ash on things outside.

It’s so sad not to be able to see our beautiful mountains because of the smoke that is in our region. These photos are from Monday July 26th, 2021.

We are heading into Spokane for a follow-up appointment for my left eye after Cataract surgery. Everything seems to be going well.

Hope you have a good Tuesday.


Air Quality

This will give you an idea of what very hazardous/unhealthy air quality looks like. Colville has been yellow and orange lately because of smoke from fires which isn’t good either but today we hit a new level of smokey and unhealthy. There are similar problems in Oregon, Montana, Idaho, California and our neighbors to the North in the Frasier Valley and in other parts of Canada. We are laying low today with no windows open. I really miss that great June view!

Our prayers go up for firefighters and people with homes in the path of all these fires. Thinking about countries and those in the path of Hurricane Irma, too.

Makes me want to say, Maranatha.