Off With It’s Head…

…or the show and tell of the old and new roof!

The Garage/Shop

The House

We are very pleased with the new roof and the new gutters. The gutters have already gotten a good workout with several downpours over the last couple weeks. The other thing we are pleased with is a ridge vent instead of the old vents we had.

Now all we need to do is finish the siding, pour a driveway, gut the downstairs bathroom, replace all the floor coverings inside, replace the counter tops in the kitchen. Sheesh the fun just never stops!


I have a lot of photos from the tulip fields to share with you but right now I’ve been thrown into a world of clamor.

Big trucks, scraping and hammering and danger all around. Well…the danger part is mostly me and how I feel about men walking around on steep roofs or climbing up tall ladders.

When things are removed, new things are revealed. Here’s Dear painting the fascia underneath the old gutters that we realized were just bare wood and never painted. I got to hold the ladder, except for when I was taking a photo. Now when the new gutters go up the wood will be more protected.

We’re real thankful that the roofers have gotten some periods of dryness so that things aren’t as slippery as they could be.

Soon the mayhem will be over, my checkbook will be drained, and I’ll post more tulip photos.