Her Nest…

My mom was set free from the Care Center on Saturday and settled back into her little nest with Pop. They are both so happy that she is back home. Pop lowered their bed so she can get in and out more easily. He’s doing the cooking these days and family members are bringing in food, too. When I called them on Saturday night you could here the lightness in their voices of being together in their little apartment again. God is good.

Dear found this carefully constructed nest while doing some weeding.

Here we are in the last week of August. Do you have any plans for Labor Day Weekend?

ABC Wednesday ~ N is for Nest

N is for Nest


I saw this perfectly built nest that had long been abandoned in late September. I was really impressed with the construction. I had to zoom in and get a closer look. I was happy to remember this for my N post! Have a good week everyone!

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