ABC Wednesday ~ N is for Nest

N is for Nest


I saw this perfectly built nest that had long been abandoned in late September. I was really impressed with the construction. I had to zoom in and get a closer look. I was happy to remember this for my N post! Have a good week everyone!

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Photobucket is holding all my photos hostage from 2007-2015 seeking a huge ransom to give them back to me. I’m slowly cleaning up all my posts and it is very frustrating.

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26 thoughts on “ABC Wednesday ~ N is for Nest

  1. That looks like one that you could allow to dry out and keep. I have a friend who does that with some of the nests out of her yard. Some stay outside, some she actually brings in. Beautiful.

  2. Hi Ellen —

    It’s good to be able come to your blog again – it’s been hectic at my end these past few days!!

    Now, I am going to relax a bit and read all the post I had missed…

    Lovely nest shot. You capture the most interesting things!

  3. That nest is really strong looking! It’s interesting to see how the moss is woven so tightly through it and love the green color!! I wonder if it will be used again next season?

  4. Hi there.
    Sorry to leave this in a comment, but there is no contact info on your blog. I wanted to ask you an advertising question. Can you please email me?

    Great looking nest btw. 🙂

  5. N is also for … Nice. What a neat photo op! How I admire you Californians, green leaves on trees with bird nests adorning. Here in Calgary, Alberta, all deciduous trees are bald now, birds must have all flown south… to California maybe.

  6. Amazing to see, Ellen! What a pretty little home…I wonder who created that nest? Sparrows maybe…it has a very compact-look, as many sparrows nest do. Thanks for sharing a bit from our feathered friends…Happy Days ((HUGS))

  7. That is perfect for the letter “N..I was just wanted to say that nests usually have little visitors after the birds have left and you don’t want that in your house. Never handle a nest without gloves….Thank you for your comment on my nature post…Michelle..

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