Goodbye to Summer…

…and a look back at one more stop off the road from the Washington Coast.

We stopped at the Willapa Interpretive Art Trail…

The Willapa Interpretive Art Trail was created to commemorate the restoration of a small stream near Refuge Headquarters. The art trail is a one quarter mile curving boardwalk.

Artwork located along the boardwalk helps to tell the stories of the stream and the many species who live there.

Students from the University of Washington Public Arts Program designed, constructed, and installed the artwork for the trail under the direction of professors John Young, Ian Robertson, and Jim Nicholls.

From a distance we thought this little guy was real and you should have seen us approach it very very carefully so we wouldn’t scare it away.

We got closer and closer and it didn’t move…

When we got this close we realized it was part of the artwork along the trail. We laughed till we cried about how careful we were not to scare this fake frog!

These feather sculptures didn’t trick us.

These salmon sculptures in the trees didn’t fool us either.

This dragon fly table was designed by UW Art student Gary Carpenter. The quote on the table is from a poem by e.e. Cummings ~ …the world is mud luscious and puddle wonderful.

The moss on the trees was so soft…

It was a treat to stretch our legs here on the way home from the coast.

Tomorrow I head South for some more adventures. I’ll be back in the Fall y’all! I had to say that because I’m watching Paula on the food channel while I’m preparing this post.  See you next week.

Gleneden Beach, Oregon

How about these rocks with trees growing on them? I found them quite impressive on our drive along the Oregon Coast to our 1st night destination just south of Lincoln City, Oregon. Once we found Salashan Spa we decided to take a walk to Gleneden Beach along a nature trail beside the golf course.

Standing at the beginning of the trail we could hear crashing waves in the distance.

The walk was about a mile to the shore.

It would be great to have some audio so you could hear just how loud these crashing waves were. It was very nice to be along the Pacific again. It’s been since February 2010 that Dear and I have walked along the Pacific ocean. At the beginning of March 2010 we moved from Camarillo, California back to our home in Washington. Our home in Camarillo was about 8 miles from the Pacific. As nice as it was to have our weekly beach walks we are very happy and content to be back in our home in Washington State that is a lot farther from the Pacific Ocean…

Hope your September is starting well. I’m really looking forward to be back to Women’s Bible Study starting up next Tuesday.