Tuesdays With Moisi ~ Siblings

On Sunday the first of March my two older sisters and I went to visit our Aunt Anna who lives with her granddaughter close to our sister Kathy. Aunt Anna or Nura will be 95 on April 25th. She was thankful for our time with her and we decided to take this selfie. While there I also took a couple photos with my phone of her framed photos. The quality of the photos is not great since there is glare from the glass in the frames.

This is our Aunt Anna from many years ago with her husband Pete. Uncle Pete died in the late 70’s.

The photo above was taken when Moisi’s brother Mike was able to get a Visa to finally visit in the USA. This was in 1982ish. Uncle Mike is in the center of the photo with the dark jacket on. Uncle Mike spent several years in Siberia after he decided it was safe to return from Iran to Russia in the early 40’s. He was arrested upon entering Russia and sent to Siberia. His sentence was supposed to be for 2 years and ended up being several years. Our Pop and the rest of his family had not seen Uncle Mike for 40 years and this visit was a grand reunion of siblings and our babushka. She is seated with the head covering on. Aunt Anna is above her in the turquoise. Uncle Mike’s wife is seated next to babushka. The rest in the photo are all of Moisi and Nadia’s children and grandchildren as of 1982.

The photo above are siblings and sister-in-laws and a nephew and his wife in the 1990’s. This was a dinner my parents had at their home in Yorba Linda before they sold that home and left for Russia to do missionary work. Going around from left to right.¬† Nura who was married to Uncle Vasilli, our cousin Vera and Alex, Moisi, Uncle John and his wife Kati, our mom, Uncle Alex and his wife Ouliana, and barely visible Aunt Anna. Aunt Anna and nephew Alex are the only ones who are still alive from this photo.

Moisi and his siblings at our Mom and Pop’s 60th wedding anniversary celebration in 2003. John, Anna, Moisi, and Alex. Anna is the only family member still alive. Of these four siblings John is the oldest, then Alex, our Pop and Anna the youngest.

Aunt Anna has survived all three of her children and one of her granddaughters, too. She talked about the fact that she’s the last one left of her generation of friends and family. She is still as sharp as a tack! My sister Kathy reminded Aunt Anna that her mother (our babushka) lived to be 98 so Aunt Anna might live that long, too.

I’ll be on my way back home this morning. When I get back I’ll post the photos from Vera and my beach walk on Monday. A beautiful day.

Tuesdays With Moisi

For Father’s day in 1987 we gathered at a park in Southern California for food and a baseball game. We ordered t-shirts for everyone, red for all the kids, blue for all the adults. The baseball game was kids vs. adults. It was a fun gathering. I’m guessing the kids won the baseball game. Our Katie was the youngest of Moisi and Nadia’s grandchildren at this time. Moisi is next to her in this photo. We included Dear’s family for this gathering so Jenna and Annie are in the line-up along with all of Moisi’s grandchildren to date. We lined the kids up according to age.

(Jenna), Danielle, Debbee, John, David, Michelle, Joshua, (Annie), Michael, Daniel, Melissa, Stephen, Timothy, Katie and our Patriarch, Moisi. More grandchildren were born after this gathering. Timothy has 3 more brothers, Levi, Caleb and Joseph. After our brother Tim’s first wife passed away he married Letty who has two sons, Derek and Anthony. Our brother Leonard was married in 2004 (?) and has two children, Hope and Andrew. Nineteen grandchildren in all. I won’t mention the great grandchildren here.

July of 1988

April of 2013 ~children, grandchildren and great grandchildren. Several family members are missing in this photo.

September of 2013 at Nadia’s, our mom’s, ¬†funeral~grandchildren and spouses and 3 great-grandchildren.

January 2017~Grandchildren and spouses and two great-grandchildren.

July 2018 at Moisi’s funeral. Grandchildren with spouses and five great-grandchildren. As usual several are missing.