This happy girl always makes me smile.

What makes you smile?

And in the meantime we are dealing with a few more things besides our renovations like this…

When you look up or down all you see are leaves!

So we either rack or we mow or we blow them all to one spot to pick them up and fill our yard waste barrels.

Happy Birthday to the Marine Corps! Happy Veteran’s day weekend to our son-in-law and everyone who has served our country in the military!

Taken somewhere in Afghanistan a few years ago. Our son-in-law is holding the flag on the right. One of his Marine buddies took the photo.

Veteren’s Day Weekend


We are dry and cold for a few days here in the Seattle area.


We’ve had some significant frost the last couple mornings. The heat has been on all day.


Today I’m working on one of my two remaining recipes that need to be completed for our new cookbook. Josh and Laura will help us partake in the finished product. It’s going to be a very fancy Saturday lunch! Here’s hoping the photos are right the first time around.

I tried to find a red poppy to be able to wear for Remembrance Day and didn’t have any luck. I guess I should have started looking earlier on line.

Today is the 10th day of November. Here are 10 specific things that I haven’t mentioned before that I am thankful to God for this month.

1. My husband who works hard and lets me spend the money he makes without complaining.

2. Being able to buy ingredients for meals and sharing those meals.

3. Fall crisp clear beautiful mornings that make me praise God.

4. My parents who are still alive and thriving with gratitude to God.

5. Girlfriends who pray for me.

6. Northshore Baptist Church and all they do for our community.

7. Our small group with 13 very unique individuals who care for each other.

8. Electricity and gas that powers everything we need for our comfort.

9. Grocery stores with their shelves stocked to the brim with everything we need.

10. My bloggy friends who share creative and encouraging things for me to see and read.

Hope your weekend is a thankful one! Blessings…

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