Disneyland Anaheim


On Wednesday I drove out to Anahiem to meet up with my daughter Katie, her boyfriend Ben, and some of my family. It’s been 10 years since I had been to Disneyland and boy was I in for a surprise.


My sister Kathy and I spent a lot of time sitting in the shade and watching people. I enjoy people watching at Disneyland…


Katie and Ben ~ Debbee, Kathy, and Melissa ~ Katie resting her poor aching feet (this was her and Ben’s 2nd full day at the Park), Melissa and Katie in their traditional Disney photo.


Some of the fun noisy rides we went on using the Fast Track Passes.


The music and entertainment at Disneyland really sets a great mood in the Park. Sometimes it even drowns out the poor exhausted babies and toddlers who are crying…


The colors in the lagoon where the Submarine Ride is were calling to me. I guess it’s called the Finding Nemo Ride now.


You gotta smile when you see the great colors on the tea-cups and lanterns. I so enjoy this Fantasyland setting!


Disneyland always has beautiful fresh flowers that match the seasons in all their planters. I loved these beautiful pinks and purples. They were already beginning to add pumpkins in Frontierland getting ready for Fall.

Don’t you just love this little guy? There are so many things to see at Disneyland.

We left the Park and headed to Downtown Disney to meet up with my sister Lana for Dinner at Naples. Our newlywed nephew and niece met us, too. Again Lana treated us all to dinner. They all went back to the park after dinner but my sister Kathy and I headed home. I made it back home at 9:45 and I was exhausted. I’m still dragging today. After I fed them a hearty breakfast, Ben and Katie headed to Magic Mountain today to tackle the roller coasters. Ahh, youth. This old gal on the other hand is just sitting around watching the Olympic Soccer games today hoping for a second wind soon.