Way Back in January…

…our Eastside kids drove over the pass to stay with and celebrate with our Westside kids. Our daughter-in-love Laura got so many great photos of their time together, celebrating 3 birthdays, enjoying the zoo, jumping at the Flying Squirrel and sitting around tables enjoying meals together. Addy and JJ were spoiled royally with time and fun with their Uncles and Aunties. Photo overload coming your way. Be forewarned!

First comes her birthday…

Then comes his birthday.

Woodland Park Zoo in Seattle.

Sunday January 16th dinner out to celebrate all the birthdays with our kids’ aunt (my sister) and uncle who live on the westside.

Third birthday in January is his. A quick visit to Uncle’s office on his day to wish him a happy birthday.

Birthday dinner on his day prepared by the eastside kids.

Bedtime story with uncle.

None of the Eastsiders have stairs in our homes so JJ had a new skill to develop while staying with Uncle and Auntie. Big sister was ready to help.

Our sons…

The Flying Squirrel.

We are so thankful to God that our kids love each other and enjoy spending time together. We don’t take that for granted. At the end of this full week together our daughter Katie and Andrew flew to Alaska for a weekend with friends to enjoy their friends’ new vacation home.

January was a full busy month for all our kids. Oh and our son-in-law started a new job, too, in January.

And now we say hello to February, a month filled with more love to enjoy!