Beach Days Oxnard


Our family rented a beach house in Oxnard, California to be in closer proximity to a wedding and baby shower we would be attending in Goleta, and Santa Clarita, California. All four couples had their own room and we had 3 bathrooms to make it easy to get ready for our events. We also had a full kitchen.


The house was a short block to the beach. Dear and I arrived before our kids so we took a walk to the beach to get our first look at Pacific waves in a long time.


On this evening a couple of the Channel Islands were visible on the horizon.


The sunset was beautiful with nice views from the upper decks of the house. This was Friday evening. On Saturday we were busy getting ready for and helping at the wedding venue so there was no time for a beach visit.


On Sunday morning we pulled together a breakfast for all of us and for my brother’s family who were staying close by. After breakfast and before we got ready for the Baby shower for Addy we all walked to the beach and enjoyed some fun in the sun. Some braver souls took a plunge in the cold winter Pacific waters.



My brother and his family left the beach house to head to the airport flying back to Dallas and the rest of us got ready and headed east for Addy’s baby shower that the women enjoyed and the guys headed to a shotgun range. Fun times for all.

We all checked out of our beach house on Monday the 16th and headed in different directions. Four of our kids flew home on Monday Dear flew home on Tuesday and I stayed on at my sister’s in Huntington Beach. Josh and Laura stayed most of the week and flew home on Friday braving the rain soaked freeway to Los Angeles International Airport.

I’ve been able to enjoy two more glorious days at two different beaches and a day at the Getty Museum while I’ve been in southern California. When I get back to the Seattle area on Tuesday I’ll finish posting about my days here. The rain has been persistent here especially on Friday and today. Streets have turned into rivers. There have been several flash flood warnings in the Los Angeles Basin especially in areas that suffered fires recently.


This collage shows some mild images compared to what we’ve seen since. Looking forward to catching up with your blog posts when I get back to my own space up north! Blessings.

Today…from Rain to Glorious Clouds and Blue Sky!

Here’s how the morning began in Southern California on Friday…

Here’s how the day turned out! I drove to Oxnard to get gas at Costco and then stopped at a couple thrift stores. I know…shocking! Then I decided to follow the blue sky through downtown Oxnard to Hollywood Beach and the Harbor.

The Channel Islands were in view…

And the clouds were amazing…

Downtown Oxnard??? Who knew! I’m going back here soon to explore the historic section of this town and in the meantime find out why Oxnard was named Oxnard!

Tomorrow is a big day. We are picking up our son Josh at the airport in the morning then heading to the Tam O Shanter for lunch. After lunch we are going to a classic car show at Heritage Square in Los Angeles. But the real reason for the trip and the most exciting part of the day will be meeting up with lots of fans of the Seattle Sounders F.C. at the Home Depot Center in Carson where they will be playing Chivas. Nine family members will be together enjoying the game. On Sunday the family is meeting for lunch at my sister’s house before we take Josh back to the airport.

Have a nice evening and great Saturday!

UPDATE: Oxnard is named after the family that developed the first major industry here, a sugar beet factory in the 1890’s.  From time to time someone suggests changing Oxnard’s name to something else–Channel Islands to name one example.  So far, it’s still Oxnard!  (Although many folks do refer to the area or Oxnard adjacent to the harbor and beach as Channel Islands.) That’s why we say “Oxnard… more than just a pretty name.