Marcus Ciderfest 2022

On Saturday we met our family and daughter-in-law’s family at the Marcus Ciderfest. Classic cars and trucks play a big part in the fest and parade. The mustang belongs to Uncle Scott and the Thunderbird was gifted to our DIL from her grandfather.

After the cars were parked with the other classic cars and trucks we walked over to the apple processing operations to get some fresh apple cider before the crowds arrived.

Look at that mound of apple peelings!

We found a good position on the highway for the parade. Most of the participants in the parade throw candy out to the kids along the route. Our littles were magnets for the candy throwers and got a few pounds of candy!

Smokey the Bear started things off.

Colville Station Border Horse Patrol rode in the parade.

We were eagerly waiting for Granny Great and Jim to come along in Jim’s old car.

Here they come.

They see us!

There were lots of other cars and trucks and animals and politicians but these are all the photos from the parade that I’m sharing.

Waiting for a snack.

Up close and perfectly blurry. And then he insisted on taking a photo of me.

We said our goodbyes and took our 1/2 gallon of fresh cider, caramel apple and some farm stand cookies home.

Dear started on a new house project on Saturday morning before we left to the Ciderfest. Have I mentioned we’ve been waking up really early. He had a few hours to work before it was time to go. Our guest bathroom is getting a new counter top, sink, fixtures and backsplash. Once that is all done it will get a fresh coat of paint. Saturday morning was demo time.

We had a nice Sunday morning worshipping at church and came home for a relaxing day. How was your weekend?