Gloomy with Promises…

We’ve been on the gloomy side here in the Pacific Northwest. On Sunday after church we decided it would be good to enjoy brunch out. We headed to the Kirkland Lake Washington waterfront¬† Beachhouse Bar and Grill. You can see the gloominess out the windows. But not to worry because what appeared on our plates was not gloomy at all.

I had the Pecan French Toast and Dear had Eggs Benedict.

It was nice to have a meal put in front of me and have a bit of relaxation after a hectic week.

That was Sunday. On Tuesday we had a wee bit of sunshine and on my way home from Costco I got to see this amazing view. A rainbow filled with promises!

Today is Wednesday and it’s a free day for me for which I am grateful.Thursday is a special day and you’ll see why with my post.¬† On Friday I hope to show you the star I bought wrapped in lights that Dear hung on our garage/shop. I’m waiting for a dry night so I can take a photo outside without getting my camera lens wet! On Saturday we are going to get our tree.

Hope all is well in your corner of the world…