Boxing Day in the Snow

On Boxing Day we all gathered at Dan and Jamie’s after breakfast for some fun in the snow and dinner. When Addy woke up from her nap we headed down the driveway for some sledding on the steeper section of the 1 mile driveway.

The sled picked up some nice speed going down and the climb back up was manageable.

Couples decided to give it a try, too.

Laura even managed a selfie zooming downhill with the snow flying in her face.


Addy didn’t think it was time to go inside and half way to the garage she noticed Auntie Katie still on the sled and high tailed it to her.

One last ride into the house.



Another great family memory in the books!

The Western kids left Friday morning for their drive to Spokane Airport for their flight home. It was a quiet afternoon here at our Country Bungalow. Dear made a trip to the dump. Two months of trash disposal cost us $10. Today we woke up to a fresh snowfall. It looks like we have about six inches.

I’ll be staying put today enjoying some down time. How about you?

Six Days Till Christmas!!

Stay calm and listen¬†to Christmas music. Our new 6 CD changer arrived yesterday and we are happy to have our favorite Christmas music playing again. It’s not fun to have your trusty cd changer stop functioning at Christmas. We realize that Cd changers might not be around for long so replacing ours while only two models are available on Amazon was a good move for us. How about you? Do you still use a cd changer or have you moved on to some other source for music?