Breakfast at the Feathers Hotel

Breakfast was included with our stay at the Feathers Hotel September 21st-23rd. We enjoyed some nice options they gave us.

‘Soft’ boiled eggs and Soldiers. A soldier is a thin strip of toasted bread, reminiscent of a soldier on parade. The shape lends itself to dipping into a soft-boiled egg that has had the top removed. Sadly my eggs were far from soft boiled.

On our second morning at breakfast I went for a Benedict. While on the subject of food we had another nice meal at The King’s Arms on Thursday of our stay in Woodstock.

Back to the Present: We are plugging away at February. Dear and I have a 30 minute walking routine through our home most mornings. I follow him with music on nice and loud to encourage us along our route. He commented one morning that we must look like the pirates on the ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’ ride at Disneyland. That gave us a chuckle. If you’ve been on that ride you might get the correct picture idea in your head. We are looking forward to being able to walk the Rotary trail again as soon as the worst of winter is over.

Happy Presidents Day to those of you who live in the U.S. of A. and Happy Family Day for our Canadian friends!

About Ellen am a wife, mother, baba (grandmother) and a loyal friend. Jesus is my King and my hope is in my future with Him.

18 thoughts on “Breakfast at the Feathers Hotel

  1. Those breakfasts look delicious. I love the Pirates of the Caribbean ride and can just picture you walking around your home! But hey, if it works?! Chuck and I were talking about when the weather is bad we can walk at the mall, or even Home Depot or Costco. Good for you to sticking to your goals.

  2. Such delicious breakfasts! I would have also chosen the eggs benedict–my favorite type of eggs to order out as I never tried making hollandaise sauce. Walking around the house is good exercise and a lot safer than trekking out on snow and ice

  3. Thanks for sharing this delightful stay of yours at the Feathers Hotel. It has a real good feel to it. My kind of breakfast. Eggs have to be soft-boiled to dip the ‘toy soldiers’ in them. That’s what we used to call them. All meals looked very yummy! The tea-cups are a delight! Your walking routine is a great idea and yes, I smiled at the Pirates of the Caribbean reference. I lived half an hour from Disneyland for a couple of years and rode the ride with many visitors we had the two years we lived there, so much fun. We actually spent our honeymoon at Disney World where I was first introduced to it. A fun reminder, thank you and loved your post as always.

  4. Bummer when soft boiled eggs aren’t. But those Benedicts look terrific. I like your indoor walking routine. Lately, I’ve been following Wimsey’s lead as he asks for an escort to his “dining room” (he’s had little appetite, so when he asks for accompaniment, I go with him) — gotta get those steps in somewhere!

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