Piano Recital

There were 9 of us at church on Tuesday night to listen to Addy’s two pieces on the piano at her recital. Many others were in the audience to listen to their kids or grands.

Addy is Miss Darcy’s youngest student at present.

Music set and she’s ready to go.

Her feet barely reach the floor. She was not distracted by the crowd.

She shyly/humbly accepted the applause.

On to the treats which Addy and JJ enjoyed.

Well done Miss Addy!

Good job in the audience, JJ!


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17 thoughts on “Piano Recital

  1. Addy did a fabulous job…her confidence is great. Refreshments are always worth participating. Hope JJ clapped like only a brother can.


  2. Oh my goodness. That warms my heart! (I have two piano-playing girls myself and it is a gift.) Addy is a darling little piano player! She is blessed with many encouragers!

  3. Lovely photos of Addy and JJ. It’s heartwarming to know that your grandchildren are involved in such happy events. With brotherly support in the audience from JJ, well done Miss Addy.

  4. So cute!! Those two little ones are just adorable! I kind of miss those days with my grandsons! Hope you stay safe and warm over there, these cold temperatures aren’t fun. The snow is pretty but risky to walk in. Have a wonderful blessed Christmas 🎄 ❤️

  5. Ellen – my goodness, how can Addy possibly be old enough for a piano recital? We are getting more “seasoned” with each passing year, right, my friend? Thanks for your visit to my blog and your comment. Praying for a joyful Christmas for you and yours, and looking forward to whatever plans God may have for us in the New Year.

  6. These are the special times.. the times we remember! Amazing how little ones learn and it seems so easy for them. Ben’s piano teacher used to have a box that she put under their feet at the piano.

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