Christmas Decorations 2022

Our tree is the same fake tree we’ve had the last couple of years. This year I held back and only put a few ornaments on it.

I was supposed to hang a couple starts on those exposed nails that fit the other artwork we have up in this space the rest of the year. Oops.

We bought this ornament from Blenheim Palace this past September.

We had another several inches of snow over the weekend. Thankfully the snow has ceased for a while. If our grands come over we’ll have to watch them carefully so they don’t get lost in a snow drift! They love the snow!

We’ve received several cards already and our cards are being mailed today. I always feel relieved when I drop those down the mail slot!

How are preparations in your corner coming?

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25 thoughts on “Christmas Decorations 2022

  1. Preparations? Oh right, yes, well, mine could be going better. ☺️

    Your home looks cheery and bright. Isn’t it a wonderful thing that
    children love snow? They do look exceptionally happy.

    Two cards are going in the post today. Just two. I’m falling down in the
    card department.

    Merry on over there…


  2. Hello,
    Your decorations are all lovely. Love the last shot of the kiddies in the snow!
    Enjoy this Christmas season, wishing you and yours all the best. Take care, have a happy new week!

  3. You seem marvelously prepared and your house is festive and lovely! (I’d never know that your home has had such challenges in the past weeks!) Preparations here are . . . well, let’s just say we’re much further along than we were last week.

    Love the photo of your sweeties in the snow!

    • Cheryl, haha, It’s good you can’t see the dust and smudges and snow prints on all the floors. Blessings on your preparations however grand or simple they may be. I’m good with grand and I’m good with simple.

    • Thank you dear one. I do love that I can look back at blog posts and see so many of the photos I cherish. My walls are full!! I might have to change out some in a few years…if we are Lord willing given those years.

  4. Your home looks very festive and ready for the holidays! Love your red and white Christmas transferware dishes. The snow certainly adds to the beauty of the season. I’ve cut way back on decorating this year. The tree is up along with a few special items. We did some wrapping this afternoon and checked our lists of what needs to be done next as our children and grands will be with us over the holidays. Stay warm and cozy.

  5. Your decorations are lovely. That’s a lot of hanging stockings.
    Decorations are up here, cards are sent, but still need a tree!

    • Karen, thank you. We put up the stockings for our kids, spouses and grands so we have a total of 10 and that is the total God has given us to enjoy. Hope you find that tree soon!

  6. I’m thrilled that you were able to erect any Christmas decorations at all given the medical circumstances that suddenly erupted. You guys can kick back, relax, and enjoy the fruits of your labor. You landed on the right year for the “less is more” tree! It’s all the rage, I understand! That and nostalgic looks from the mid-century.

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