A Slow Melt

Our snow is having a time melting off since our daytime temperatures are only getting above freezing for a few hours.

Our second bird feeder has been well received. I throw extra seed on the snow covered ground for the Quail that  come to visit, too.

Our Dish TV stopped working because of this build up of snow. That was a first for us. Happy that Dear/Greg is healthy enough to trudge out to the dish to clear it off and restore our TV signal.

We made it back and forth to Spokane on Monday for some follow-up appointments for Greg and all is well with his Carotid which is good news.

In between our two appointments we enjoyed a meal at The Park Inn conveniently located to the hospital complex.

A Cheeseburger chowder was the special soup of the day, delicious.

Our road and a few other roads we had to drive on were like driving on a washboard. Needless to say we have been driving well under the speed limit.

Always thankful to make it there and back again, safe and sound.

About Ellenhttps://happywonderer.com/I am a wife, mother, baba (grandmother) and a loyal friend. Jesus is my King and my hope is in my future with Him.

11 thoughts on “A Slow Melt

  1. Always wonderful to have a great report from the doctor. It appears that you’ll have your snow through spring. Course, I’ve been surprised before. We have a bit of snow, enough to make things slippery. It is supposed to melt and then we’re to get a whole bunch. I hope that last bit is wrong.


  2. So thankful that Dear is on the mend! Your snow is beautiful and there to stay for the time being. It looks like he is holding a giant magnifying glass! Now I’m hungry for cheeseburger chowder – yum!

  3. Glad to hear Greg is doing well.
    No snow for us but we are supposed to be getting an ice storm tomorrow night. Just in time for our Babies for Blankets fun time!! If we do get the ice it will be cancelled.

  4. I am just dumbfounded by Greg’s quick recovery from such a harrowing ordeal! He is made of special stuff!!!!! Hallelujah for that!

    The snow is beautiful, but please keep it there. Not interested in battling it here!

    Cheeseburger chowder? I’m going to have to look that up on Pinterest to try. Sounds satisfying and delish!

  5. I am happy that the news from Greg’s follow-up appointments was good. (I did scroll back last time I was here and now I do know the “rest of the story.” That’ was really a lot to go through (for both of you) and it’s great how your family rallied. When you described the place where you stayed near the hospital it brought back Eastern Washington memories from long ago. My Dad had heart surgery at SH and I drove back home from Eugene to be with them — I stayed a few days with my mom in a long-term apartment almost right across the street from the hospital. It might have been the same one ;>). I remember hating to leave when I had to go back home because of work; I worried about her as much as him because I was afraid she’d get lost in the big city (they still lived in my home town of Clarkston). Of course she did fine and dad’s surgery went well . They had lots of lovely years ahead of them at that point!

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