…and waiting on more blooms around the yard.

Lots of red peonies ready to show. We have 5 bushes.


White Bleeding Heart

Original Poets Daffodil


Johnny Jump Ups


What are you watching at your home?

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12 thoughts on “Watching…

  1. I am so glad for this option of replying to your email. So, I am watching many of the same types of plants that you are. The forsythia has faded and I am trying to screw up enough courage to prune it. Way too many old, gnarly branches creating quite a tangle.

    Your Original Poets Daffodil is what we call Narcissus here. Does it have that pungent spicy aroma? I’ll have to snoop around a bit. I just trimmed the daffodil blossoms back yesterday and already miss them. They lasted a good long while because of the cool temps.

    Happy Watching, Ellen! Say, have you ever tried eating hostas? No, me neither. Tipper at The Blind Pig and the Acorn has tried it. ☺️



    • Vee, I haven’t poked my nose close to them. I will today to get a whiff and see what I smell. No, I never even thought about eating Hostas. The deer have. Pruning is always hit and miss with me. I always have the fear I’ll cut the wrong things off. So before I finished this reply I strolled out in my pjs and robe and cut two of the Original Poets Daffodil or Narcissus and yes to Dear and me they smell like a funeral. We’ve been to many and that’s what this aroma reminds us of. The up close whiff is not a really pleasant one to me. But…they are a sweet looking flower.
      Thank you for your visit and for figuring our how make commenting work for you. Have a good weekend.

  2. I am watching my hydrangeas. I cut them way down in January and they look so lush and green and are just starting to bloom

  3. You have some lovely plants and a useful rhubarb. Some of our red peonies are in bloom thanks to the sunshine. I like the name of the violas – that’s new to me.

  4. The bunnies are cute.
    Looking beautiful around your place.
    My rhubarb is popping up too. Look forward to some cobbler.

  5. Your garden is looking wonderful. Love paeonies. I can never have enough. Sadly my yellow one will be finished while we’ve been away. B x

  6. Those peonies are so pretty! They must look spectacular when they bloom. My hostas are at my favorite point right now, tall, full, standing straight up. I love this stage. Our rhododendron buds are big, they’ll be blooming soon. That’s what I’m watching!

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