Love One Another…

Uncle Joshie joined Auntie Lolo who was already in Colville for Father’s Day weekend. Addy and JJ were delighted to see him and spend time with him. Their daddy was away because of work and they really missed him. Uncle Joshie was a nice diversion.

Josh flew back home on Father’s Day. Auntie Lolo drove back home on the day of my cataract surgery. Before Lolo left she captured a lot of photos. Thank you Lolo and Joshie for all your help and love!

Collecting the eggs and enjoying garden delights picked fresh!

Addy and JJ’s daddy came home on Thursday the 24th of June and their little family is together again much to everyone’s relief.

The news around our region is the heat! We are above 100 degrees with predictions of temps getting as high as 114. Yikes. That means fire danger, too. We are more appreciative of our cooling possibilities. We are watering early in the morning and have blinds closed and curtains drawn during the day. The birds are enjoying our watering. We hope to get to more normal summertime temps in a week.

About Ellen am a wife, mother, baba (grandmother) and a loyal friend. Jesus is my King and my hope is in my future with Him.

10 thoughts on “Love One Another…

  1. Always nice to see pictures of your happy family.
    Wow that is HOT. I’ve never been in a temperature of 114!!

  2. Beautiful families–children and grandchildren. I hope your cataract surgery went well! It is freeing not to have to wear glasses all the time. Stay cool! We had a heatwave a few weeks ago but it has been raining and cool lately which was a welcome break.

  3. Yes it is way too hot here in the PNW!! I hope your eye surgery went well. (Are you having both eyes done?) If the surgery goes like mine did, you will be happier than ever afterr it is over.

  4. I enjoy your family photos as they make you seem more familiar. I hope you are doing OK during the heat you are experiencing. We’re having a 90plus day here which is not the norm.

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