Full of Hope Hodgepodge

2016-04-13 pablano soup

Thank you to Jo From This Side of the Pond for the Wednesday Hodgepodge Questions!

1. “Hope springs eternal”…discuss.

I’m taking the quote out of the realm it came from and putting God’s eternal twist on it.

From a mother’s perspective I always hope for our children to progress in their walk with the Lord, to be content, to stay faithful in their marriages and to look forward to their eternity with God.

From a grandmother’s perspective I ask the Lord continually to have mercy on and save our grandchildren and my hope is for their salvation.

This is my same prayer for any friends or family who are not born again.

For me personally, my hope is in eternity with my Lord and Savior.

2. Last time you needed to ‘spring into action’ or ‘spring to someone’s defense’…explain.

These days my springing into action generally happens around our grandchildren quickly diverting them from danger.

3. Tulips or daffodils? baby birds or baby bunnies? The cherry tree or the dogwood tree? Jelly beans or peeps? March madness or spring training? Peas or carrots?

Tulips, Baby birds, Dogwood Tree (see photo at the top of this post), Jelly Beans, Spring Cleaning no madness or training, Carrots.

4. I read an article here on the South’s best cities on the rise. They are-Baton Rouge Louisiana, Fayetteville Arkansas, Greenville South Carolina, Huntsville Alabama, Lexington Kentucky, Norfolk Virginia, Tulsa Oklahoma, Waco Texas, Wilmington North Carolina, and Winston-Salem North Carolina. Of the cities listed how many have you seen in person?

Katie and I drove to Airlie Gardens in Wilmington North Carolina when our Son-in-law was stationed at Camp LeJeune.

Which one on the list would you most like to see?

Waco Texas because of the Fixer Upper phenomena. Would be fun to visit Magnolia.

Have you spent much time in the southern states (USA)?

We’ve spent more time in the Southwest vs. Southeast being born and raised in Southern California. We’ve spent time in Arizona and New Mexico. We’ve visited family in Dallas, Texas. We’ve been to San Antonio (for a conference).We’ve spent time in North Carolina when our Andrew and Katie lived there during his Marine days. Katie and I traveled to Beaufort, S.C. for Andrew’s Marine Corps graduation. Dear and I spent a few days in Florida for a medical conference he attended. We’ve been to Atlanta, Georgia for another conference. On a road trip from Seattle to Jacksonville, North Carolina, Katie and I spent nights in Tennessee, Asheville N.C., Raleigh Durham.

Any spring road trips on your calendar?

Only a short one across the mountains to our kids home after Easter.

We are making plans for a longer road trip to North Carolina for a wedding in October. On the way we do plan a stop in Lexington, Kentucky after we visit The Ark. Our route home from North Carolina will take us through Dallas to visit my brother’s family. Looks like we could hit a few of those cities on the way to Dallas from North Carolina if we wanted to.

5. Tell us how your outdoor space needs sprucing up this spring?

We still have a lot of grassy bushes that need some work, pulling out the old to get ready for the new growth. Now our front acreage has a million small pine cones that the trees have shed. Those are a bear to clear.

Which do you enjoy more (or hate the least-ha!) yard work or house work?

I enjoy riding my lawn mower to cut the grass. Not a big fan of pulling weeds and less of a fan these days since it makes my back sore. The housework that I’m the least happy to do these days is to clean our shower. I’d love to have the unit replaced. There is calcium deposits that are impossible to remove that look like dirt. We are on well water here. So all that to say there are parts of outdoor work that I like and parts of indoor work that I like. Other parts are not pleasant both indoors and outdoors.

6. Insert your own random thought here.

We are catching our breath after a celebration filled weekend with our kids from the ‘Coast’ here. A belated birthday dinner for me on Friday and then our granddaughter’s 4th birthday on Saturday. We were all in church together on Sunday morning. We had all our meals together from Friday dinner to Monday lunch except for Sunday morning. The ‘coast’ kids flew home on Monday evening.

About Ellenhttps://happywonderer.com/I am a wife, mother, baba (grandmother) and a loyal friend. Jesus is my King and my hope is in my future with Him.

16 thoughts on “Full of Hope Hodgepodge

  1. Hello Ellen,
    I love the pretty dogwood blooms, beautiful collage. I will be nice to take a road trip! Enjoy your Easter with the family. Take care, have a happy day!

  2. Ellen, I so enjoy these posts that tell me more about you. What I have learned is that you are a loving woman who cares deeply about her family and the life she leads.

    • Lisa, she chose ‘Hunting’ for her birthday theme and she is a deer. With all the layers I suppose you could call her a deer fairy. We were all instructed to wear camo or orange to the party.

  3. We have one pine tree amidst all the other oaks and when the cones fall, it happens to be an area where, in the summer, my friends and I like to sit out and tan. So yes, clearing those can be a real pain!

  4. Thank you for the beautifully expressed answer to #1. Loved the sweet pictures and seeing your little granddaughter reminded me of the TuTu dresses my daughter made for her youngest who is now 14. Adorable. Give me a call when you come to Dallas as I live in Plano.

  5. Hope is something we look for each day. That’s a great answer for #2 keeping your grandchildren out of danger. Those pine cones must be a lot of work. I have several collections of pine cones because I don’t have any near me. Sounds like it was a perfect weekend. Love the photos.

  6. Are those roses on your table real? They are spectacular! As far as the Bourbon Trail…we went with another couple who have a lake house not far from Frankfort. The husband did not drink so he was our driver. The distilleries limit the amount in a tasting much more so than a winery just fyi. There are so many to see so plan your route. Each one is a bit different. Since we were in the Frankfort area we went to Wild Turkey and Buffalo Trace one day and Woodford Reserve the next. We enjoyed all (our guide at Wild Turkey was a hoot!) but Buffalo Trace was my favorite, and Woodford is, I think, the prettiest. There are a lot of tours available online, and once you get to the distilleries themselves the distilleries all have tour guides. It was a lot of fun, and hubs especially would like to see more. I want to also do a horse farm tour and see the Henry Clay Estate. I’ve heard Maker’s Mark is fun as you can dip your bottle in the wax yourself.

  7. Ellen, your “hope” reveals your heart!

    I get that “spring into action” thing. I babysat for some of my grands this morning and I did some “springing” myself!

  8. I love your response to number one. I am pleased to see that Greenville SC is listed…it is close to where I am moving. I am thankful you have had time with your precious family. I enjoy your photos very much.

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