Round and Round We Go

The Wildlife Zoo called this ride their Carousel. Addy chose this horse to ride and JJ chose the dog.

Carousels and Merry-Go-Rounds, whatever you call them, kids of all ages enjoy them. I think this was JJ’s first ride on one.

Addy was cold and her coat was in the car so she borrowed Auntie Katie’s sweatshirt.

Our family of 10 were in Arizona from January 13th until January 19th. Our trip to the Wildlife park was on Thursday January 14th. I enjoy the desert in winter, how about you? Escaping a snowy winter with freezing temps to a desert winter in the 60’s and 70’s is a treat.

Back here in Colville we have had sunshine but our temps have been in the teens. We are promised some new snow showers on Sunday.

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15 thoughts on “Round and Round We Go

  1. Hello,
    The carousels are fun, I like all the animals. Your grandchildren are adorable.
    Take care, enjoy your weekend!

  2. Oh the joys of carousel riding. Though I lived in AZ for two and a half years, I never found a season I liked there. Perhaps I needed to be where you folks were! vee

  3. I adore carousels! How fun for kids and us adults as well. I have been wanting to visit AZ for the last year; we went there quite a bit as kids. A warm, sunny place sounds amazing right now. So good to have rediscovered your blog again and catch up on what you’ve been doing.

  4. How wonderful you and your family were able to all gather together and enjoy that warm winter break! I love the carousel pictures. There are some very old B&W pictures of me as a 2 or 3 year old riding on a carousel…I don’t really remember it since I was so young, but the pictures tell me I was enjoying it much like your sweet Addie! Those will be precious memories for her someday!

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