California Visitors

We have had some action packed days here at our Country Bungalow. I only took a few of these photos. Thank you to my niece and daughter-in-law for the rest.

Addy really enjoyed her “medium sized” 2nd cousin.

Time to enjoy the flowers and our niece’s family from California.

She loves her Daddy’s cousin, who is Addy’s 1st cousin once removed.

The whole crew for the 2nd dinner at our Country Bungalow.

Addy and Avery.

We changed venues on Friday night and met up at Dan and Jamie’s home. Reyna had lots of love from Avery.

It took 2 days but Ryan finally won Jaymison over and was able to hold him without JJ crying.

The girls enjoyed building towers and JJ enjoyed demolishing the tower!

Yum, whipped cream!

A selfie after picking raspberries in the garden and before the mosquitoes ate them up!

Good food, good fellowship, lots of laughter.

Our family visitors left for the Coast on Saturday morning at 10:00 am with a stop in Oroville on the way to visit friends. They ended up at our Coast Kids’ home sometime on Saturday evening. On Sunday our family on the Coast gathered to enjoy time together with Ryan, Michelle, Jack and Avery. We got a text with this great photo attached.

My sister Lana and her husband, Steve. Michelle, Ryan, Jack and Avery. Our kids, Andrew, Katie, Laura and Josh.

I can guarantee there was lots of good food, laughter and fellowship on the “Coast”, too.

We had some good sunshine today and after church because Dear and our son Dan were starting on the roof of the shop I decided to mow the back acres to keep an eye on them while they were up on ladders. I’ll take my sabbath rest tomorrow. I had nursery duty during church today and it was so weird to have to have a mask on and have disposable gloves on, too. Poor babes…wonder what they were thinking.

Hope you all have a good week ahead.

About Ellen am a wife, mother, baba (grandmother) and a loyal friend. Jesus is my King and my hope is in my future with Him.

9 thoughts on “California Visitors

  1. That they were in the hospital? I know. I fret over the psychological damage being done myself.

    What a great time your family has together. I can tell just by Addy’s expression that she was smitten with her cousin. So sweet.

  2. Lovely photos! How wonderful that so many of your family were able to visit you, Ellen. I know how good that feels and how empty the house feels when they all go home.

  3. It is so wonderful that families are gathering again. I love that Addy enjoyed her “middle-sized” cousin, and that JJ warmed up to the guests as well. Good times with family sure fill up your tank!

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