Douglas and Grant County

I’m sneaking in the last photos of our road trip home from “the Coast” on June 15th. After we crossed the Cascade Mountain range we traveled on Highway 28 from Wenatchee eastward to Spokane and then north on highway 395 home.

Douglas county has 23 dams and Grant County has 75 dams! Our county, Stevens, has 42 dams.

Ephrata, Washington is the county seat for Grant County. It is located in the Columbia Basin area.

After Ephrata we had lots of rain and the driving privileges were passed on to me so no more photos. The road was similar to this view until we reached Davenport where we connected back to Highway 2 and on to I-90 in Spokane where we reached Highway 395 north to our home. We had a few stops in Spokane before we drove the last 70 miles home.

I’ll add this next photo here on this post, too.

On Saturday our Colville kids celebrated their 5th Anniversary! We hope to be able to do some proper babysitting for them so they can go out on their own soon! Those two toddlers are demanding of all of their time!

Back to the present, on Monday we worked on our acres mowing and weed wacking before the next showers roll through. After Wednesday Hodgepodge I’ll be posting the rest of our family party weekend. We are having many birds and other critters visiting our acres. I was able to catch a mama deer with a sweet baby fawn walking on our property when they alerted our motion detector light in the back acres. I happened to be looking out at the right time just before I went to bed. No photos.

I know this is an old story but our internet connection is never great and sometimes it is worse. I haven’t been able to visit because of that but please know that as soon as I can I will check on you all and see what you’ve been up to. Because we spent most of Saturday and Sunday at Dan and Jamie’s, I was able to upload lots of photos from the parties using their internet when Jaymison was not demanding my attention.

Here we are at the last day of June! Hoping for lots of good news in July!!

About Ellen am a wife, mother, baba (grandmother) and a loyal friend. Jesus is my King and my hope is in my future with Him.

13 thoughts on “Douglas and Grant County

    • Barbara, Washington state has a very diverse landscape. The western part of our state has islands and coastal areas that would be closer to what you have. This part of the state in these photos is our central more agriculture and desert landscapes. We live in the northeastern part of the state with mountain ranges and large douglas fir and other trees. Thanks for your visit!

  1. When we were full time RVers, we made that drive. This brings back wonderful memories. Thank you.

    • We have some family members who are becoming full time RVers as of today. It will be fun to see their adventures. Thank you for visiting and commenting. I appreciate it!

    • Washington State has several distinct landscapes. Our central area is a lot more desert like then the west of the Cascades and the eastern part of the state. Then we have some great island areas. It really is a diverse state in landscape and politics!

  2. Sure had beautiful views on your travels.
    Those boxes do have wire on all sides. Still have no idea what a want to do with them.

  3. Last day of June—wow! May July be nice to us–LOL I love that part of the country as you probably know by looking at my blog that my eldest lives on a ranch east of Ritzville—we are going over there soon. Two grands havr July birthdays and 2 of my daughters have July birthdays. Whew–were we busy or what!

  4. Your drive across the mountains looks very grand! (And I think I’d like to stop at the Bookery/Espresso!) I can hardly believe your children are celebrating their fifth wedding anniversary! It seems such a short time ago that you were talking about the upcoming wedding. (I say it all the time, but it’s true: Time flies.) And now they have the children and they’re such a sweet family!

    Looking forward to more scenes from your weekend/reunion.

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