Winter Clean-up

We worked hard, my back can attest to that, this past Wednesday and Thursday. We still haven’t picked up all the branches that fell from trees during our winter snow and wind storms. Once we burn the pile in the trailer we’ll collect the rest. The back acre photos are for me. I can see the haircuts I gave many of our bushes but you might not be able to tell. We got an estimate from a tree company to take the back yard tree that lost the most branches out for us with added estimates to grind down three of our tree stumps. They can’t do the work until the ground dries out. Everything is a spongy soggy mess wherever you step. Soon enough we’ll be dryer.

I’m very thankful for my hedge trimmer!

About Ellen am a wife, mother, baba (grandmother) and a loyal friend. Jesus is my King and my hope is in my future with Him.

11 thoughts on “Winter Clean-up

  1. A job well done for both of you, Ellen, our temps. are going to be in the 70’s this upcoming week, we are making plans to do some serous cleanup in our garden simply because it is time to begin planting.
    Like you, our soil is really wet, we have had such a wet winter.
    Have a great weekend, resting that back, I might be in the same boat next weekend, ~wink~

  2. Your place is wonderful, but at my age and stage in life I have to be honest and say that this lovely post made me grateful for backyards that I don’t have to maintain. (Texted photos from our daughter makes me feel the same! ). But we’ve been there, done that and wouldn’t have missed it all for the world!

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