A beautiful day for a walk at the Beach…

On Monday March 2nd my sister Vera and I were able to enjoy a walk to the end of the pier in Huntington Beach. It was a decent day for surfing and several surfers were taking advantage. Winter days at the beach are my favorite and this winter day afforded us great views of Catalina Island, too.


I’ve never tried to surf. Have you ever tried? When our son was at Westmont College in Santa Barbara he enjoyed some surfing. He also enjoyed some surfing in Hawaii on a vacation there. Body surfing was something both sons have enjoyed. Water skiing was the closest I ever came to surfing and that was years ago before I had children. A little snow skiing is also in my past and it will remain there.

I’ll be sharing more from Huntington Beach soon.

About Ellen am a wife, mother, baba (grandmother) and a loyal friend. Jesus is my King and my hope is in my future with Him.

12 thoughts on “Surfing

  1. It was such a glorious day. The ocean and waves always remind me of God’s never failing grace. Grace upon grace like the waves of the sea, never ending always coming in.

  2. Beautiful beach scenes. My experience on ‘boards’ sounds much like yours…minimal snow skiing and no surfing for me. Both are spectator sports for me!

  3. I love to walk on the beach, but will leave the surfing to the more adventurous folks.
    Thanks for sharing, the photos are so beautiful.

  4. No, I’ve never tried surfing.
    I love walking on a beach though haven’t done it for quite a long time.
    Beautiful pictures!

  5. No, I’ve never tried surfing. I used to water ski, and downhill ski, but haven’t done either for a number of years. The beach is such a great place for walking and for seeing all kinds of interesting things.

  6. I’ve never attempted to surf or water ski. But I admire those who do. I love the beach…enjoying another aspect of God’s creation is always good. Here we have mountains. 🙂

  7. Being by the sea, beach walking or swimming in a warm climate is pleasant. I’ve never gone surfing, but have enjoyed watching others who are skilled at riding the waves.

  8. I’ve body surfed and used a body board but have never officially surfed. I tried water skiing once but could never stand up on the skies.

  9. A truly beautiful spot on earth. I have never surfed and only have seen others surf in real time a handful of times. Our waves just aren’t surf worthy.

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