Trusses Part 1

We got the revised plans to make the trusses right from the Pole Barn Company and it was full steam ahead to get the trusses to their spots on the shop pad. Cousin Jim helped Dear maneuver the very heavy trusses.

They learned a lot with the first truss and the next ones took a quarter of the time to get them to their spots.

So thankful for our son’s tractor.

While the guys worked on the trusses I mowed the lawns. This might be the last mow until Spring. Jim snapped these photos of me at work.

After the trusses were in their temporary spots Jim and Dear used hammers, nails, drills and screws to prep the trusses for the cross beams. Lots of hand, wrist and arm work. They were sore. We had a very nice steak dinner the evening after they had accomplished so much.

My cousin really wanted to see those trusses lifted to their final position to the top of the shop building but we have to wait for the extensions to arrive and Jim had to move on to his next destination on his way back home to California.

Thursday is catch up day here at our Country Bungalow to get things ready for our next overnight guests arriving on Friday and Saturday. We’re excited to see our kids all together again here in the northeastern corner of our state. Thursday is also wood gathering day for our son’s winter supply. Trucks, Chainsaws and chainsaw safety chaps are headed to the permitted areas of forest for wood gathering. Our son and Dear will put in a hard day of work in the forest.

About Ellen am a wife, mother, baba (grandmother) and a loyal friend. Jesus is my King and my hope is in my future with Him.

7 thoughts on “Trusses Part 1

  1. Lots going on at your place!! So exciting to see the building process on your shop! Kudos to your husband and your cousin for all of that painstaking work. They look professional! I know you’ll enjoy your visit with family this weekend. It always fills a mama’s heart to have all of her “babies” together, doesn’t it?

    We don’t burn wood any more, but my husband still enjoys those wood chopping/splitting parties so he always joins his brother and our son when there is work to be done!

  2. That is quite a big building. That first truss is always the hardest!!
    Looks like you’re enjoying mowing the lawn. : )

  3. Look at you being the perfect country girl!! That shop is going to be awesome and they look like pros getting those trusses into place. Enjoy your time with the family. Praying for protection as the men do the wood gathering – it can be a dangerous job!

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