Mowing Season

Mowing season is upon us. I’m so thankful for our riding lawn mower. We finally were able to start the burn pile today.

Addy had a good view from the inside.

We were outside to see our water feature before Addy had to go home for her nap. After Addy left with her auntie Laura, Dear and I tended to the burn pile and did a lot of weeding.


My sister Vera was here for the weekend and she was a hit with Addy. Addy couldn’t say Vera and calls her Sarah. Too cute.

We managed a selfie at Douglas Falls with Vera and enjoyed some meals out on our drives to and from Spokane.

About Ellen am a wife, mother, baba (grandmother) and a loyal friend. Jesus is my King and my hope is in my future with Him.

16 thoughts on “Mowing Season

  1. Hello, we have started mowing here too. Love the Addy and family shots. Nice looking waterfalls. Enjoy your day, have a great week ahead. Happy May to you!

  2. I mowed last week. I mow here year round, just less during the winter months. Great family photos.

    Enjoy the rest of your week ~ FlowerLady

  3. It’s still so surreal to think how you live out in the country. making totally new and different memories in this season of your lives. Glad your sister could come for a visit.

  4. Just catching up on your last few posts here. It sounds like you had a good weekend with your sister. You look right at home perched on your lawn mower! Glad you got that burn pile going.

  5. I’ve mowed twice so far. We have a riding mower too but it will stay at the house when it is sold. Don’t need it here at the new house in the woods. My mowing days are numbered!!

  6. Tomorrow our grandson that lives with us will be mowing the lawn. We don’t have the large amount of acreage you appear to have, so the job won’t take him too long. The falls certainly are lovely as are the times with family. Have a nice evening.

  7. Ellen – we don’t miss mowing, and we deliberately did not plant a lawn here so we don’t have too mow! But that doesn’t mean there aren’t lots of little jobs to be done around the place! I think I might have been going home with Addy to take a nap!

  8. Mowing here too. Did you know I have never mowed a lawn with a lawnmower. My late husband always mowed and then either my grandson or grand daughter. I do have a DR. trimmer that is similar to a push type or push weed eater. My toy.
    So Addy has a new brother–JJ. What fun. Everyone looks happy in that previous post.

  9. We are mowing, weeding and burning, too! Addy is just precious. Such a great photo of you guys at the waterfall. I hope you have a blessed day.

  10. A sit-on mower is a useful piece of equipment in your situation, Ellen. We have a patch of lawn in our small UK garden and it has just had its first cut of the season with the electric hand mower. It looks as if you had a good time when your sister Vera visited.

  11. You look good on that mower Ellen! Such a cute picture of Addy watching the fire. Sister time and memories made for you and great-auntie!

  12. That kind of mowing looks like it might be fun! Thank you for the good wishes – I’m starting to feel better finally. I hope your nasturtiums come up in a wonderful profusion. The good thing about them is they reseed themselves for next year! (Sara in SoCal)

  13. I see that you know your way around equipment! It is good to be able to ride while mowing the lawn. You have a nice big lawn I think. Addy is such a cutie pie. I so enjoy seeing her pics.

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