May Flowers

While we were in Spokane with my sister Vera last Sunday we swung by Manito Park in the South Hill area of town. South Hill has beautiful stately homes on streets lined with huge old trees. It reminds me of San Marino in Southern California.

We walked through the Japanese garden and then hiked over to the Perennial garden. We’d like to go back when the large rose garden comes to life.

Have you ever seen a Fernleaf Peony? Such an interesting plant. The crowned Lilies were fun, too. (Fritillaria Imperialis)

April showers do bring about May flowers! What’s blooming in your neck of the woods?

The next paragraph is for my historical context and if you are very sensitive you might want to look away and not read it.

While Dear was tending the ashes of our burn pile early yesterday morning he had a nature experience he’ll never forget. He was stooped low to the ground and around the corner, at lightning speed, came a quail being chased by a hawk. Dear stayed very still and watched as the quail lost the chase. The hawk bounced further away from Dear and started to pluck the quail with it’s beaks, looking around every few seconds. The hawk kept looking all around and at Dear while it was on the ground. Eventually the hawk took flight with the plucked quail in it’s claws. You know you live in the country when… (fill in the blank).

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23 thoughts on “May Flowers

  1. Ellen, your visit to the park is beautiful. I’ve never seen fernleaf peonies! How interesting and diverse the world of flowers is! Your photos are lovely and crisp. I really enjoy seeing what’s going on on the other side of our country. Nature is so cruel sometimes and I bet your husband won’t soon forget that encounter. I’ve seen hawks take off with squirrels and it’s quite frightening to witness. The cathedral in your first photo is gorgeous! Have a happy weekend.

  2. Hello Ellen, you’ve shared beautiful photos, lovely scenery and gorgeous flowers. As for the hawk it too has to survive and though we are sad for the quail, it has to feed its young also. All part of the food chain. I once saw a woodpecker ducking underneath the rail on our deck, hiding and looking up at the sky. Sure enough when I followed its gaze, there was a hawk flying around. Clever little thing was using its survival instincts. Nature can be cruel but it also brings me so much joy.

  3. Beautiful photos! I especially love the white blossoms! It looks like someone dropped peonies on the wrong plant. =)

  4. Lovely photos of Spokane! Yes, living in the country is real. Wildlife hunts to survive and in many cases here deer lose the fight. Over the years we’ve seen many killed deer by bones and evidence close to our house. It’s heartbreaking to me but Tom says it’s all part of nature. Thanks for sharing your story.🥰

  5. These lovely gardens were a great treat for the eyes. I am sure that you and your sister enjoyed the beauty of this visit. I think the fernleaf peonies look rather Dr. Seuss-ish. 😀

  6. I have a couple of fern leaf peonies bushes in my flower bed. My mom always had them in her garden. They are lovely! Those pictures of the gardens are gorgeous!! Our May is still cold, gray and dreary.

  7. I long for the beauty of those gardens. Our spring has been extremely slow this year. In fact, a weatherman indicated that a search party is out looking for it.
    Can’t imagine watching nature up close and personal like your husband did.

  8. Ahhh…the circle of life in action…

    Those flowers are just gorgeous. My forsythia is finally beginning to bloom. I am going to miss the phlox that used to fall over my little rock wall. It just up and croaked this winter. I am going to have to replace it.

    I am so glad that your sister was visiting you that weekend. You needed some blessed diversions. ☺

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