Christmas Past Mosaics

2013 Nativities. I’ve gone a little overboard adding 5 more nativity sets since 2013.

2014 Joy is always a strong theme at Christmas time.



2017: Our most delightful Christmas addition.

These are all mosaics made with Picasa on my good ole laptop that died in November. I’m still looking for a program to create mosaics/collages on my new computer.

Our little Addy has changed so much since last Christmas.

December 2018

And for context, below was our view on our way to church this morning. We had a couple of inches of snow overnight that turned to rain while we were in church so now everything is pretty slushy.

Linking up with Angie for Mosaic Monday. Thank you for hosting, Angie!

Only 9 days until Christmas! Are you ready? We don’t have our tree up yet.

About Ellen am a wife, mother, baba (grandmother) and a loyal friend. Jesus is my King and my hope is in my future with Him.

21 thoughts on “Christmas Past Mosaics

  1. Do you know about Photoscape? It is a downloadable program and you would have to be careful about choosing a good source for the download, but it would do all that you want for photo editing and collage making.


  2. Your mosaics are beautiful Ellen! Addy is growing up so quickly. So glad you are close by to her now. Careful driving on those icy looking roads.
    I still use Picaso sometimes too. Sorry your new laptop doesn’t work with that program. I upgraded my old MacBook Pro and now my picture editing has changed so much and I don’t really know how to use it anymore either – ugh!

  3. Ellen – I noticed that one of your nativities was placed on lace that looked to have Mary and Joseph kneeling by the manger – a double nativity! My eye was drawn to the Big Ben and British flag ornaments, not that I have a special place in my heart for all things British! Addy’s PJs are adorable – I laughed out loud!!! And yes, we are ready for Christmas – all we need is for our daughter to arrive safely next Sunday! Thanks for a lovely retrospective for Mosaic Monday!

  4. It’s absolutely outrageous how quickly babies grow — there really ought to be a law against how fast that precious time goes by. But Addie is just adorable then and now!!! And every ensuing year will be wonderful. Heck, I still marvel at my grandchildren and they are in their 30s now! (I’m so glad you are close enough to see her grow!)

  5. Addy is so cute and adorable ❤ Children definitely make Christmas. Picmonkey is also a good editing programme, costs a little though. Happy Christmas time.

  6. I enjoyed learning a bit of Christmas history from when you were young. Love the picture of your baby brother eyeing that Christmas tree…especially the tinsel! : -)

    Enjoyed the mosaics, too. Yes, Addy really has changed since last Christmas, but when that new baby enters the house she will really grow up overnight…or so it will seem.

    Have a blessed Christmas celebration in your new home, Ellen. xx

  7. Beautiful Nativity scenes. I still have the one used when I was a child. some parts missing—a wise man or two and the Baby Jesus—I don’t know how that happened.
    Little Addy is sure growing just keep that wonderful sweet smile she has

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