… was NOT a hit this year for Addy. It was fun for me to be at her Santa photo shoot, though. She just wasn’t sure about the old guy in the red suit and beard.

She was just fine sitting all by herself far away from Santa.

Later in the day after her nap, Addy’s mommy and daddy brought her to Baba and Gramps so we could all enjoy dinner together. Addy likes to rewind and do all the things we did the time before she was over. So we go to the bedroom where we keep her toys and she gets the dolls she plays with here. She has also decided that it’s fun to put all the manger scene people and animals in a little owl bag. This time around she learned how to turn off and turn on the battery operated candles I have down on her level of reach. That kept her busy for quite a while. She doesn’t like it when it’s time to go home.


Today we visited a different church in Colville where the kids come up to the front of the church right before the sermon. This church had them recite a memory verse they’ve been working on and then they let each child say a prayer to God. The first young boy to pray said “Dear God, thanks for nothing.” I tried not to laugh. His mother in the front row looked mortified. The pastor took it in stride and held the mic in front of the next little one who thanked God for his mother, father, and dog. By this time the mortified mother got her son’s attention and he came down to the front row next to her and then they both exited the sanctuary. When all the little ones were done with their short prayers they were excused to go downstairs for Sunday School. Hope that little guy didn’t get into too much trouble.

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15 thoughts on “Santa…

  1. Those knowing little smiles from Addy make me want to put thought bubbles over her head. 😁

    Gosh that little boy perfectly described a few of my prayers. Hopefully, someone will explain to his mama that The Lord works in wondrous ways…

    Vee (no time to fret over Adagio and no time to fire up the laptop.)

  2. Hello, Addy looks so pretty in the dress. Next year she will feel more comfy around Santa. I had to laugh at the story of the little boy and the prayer. Kids will say the darndest things. Happy Monday, enjoy your day and new week ahead!

  3. Aww Addy is so darling and I can’t blame her for being wary about that Santa guy! I love that she loves coming to your home and never wants to leave – that’s the best feeling ever. This will be a very special Christmas for you all in your new home and so close to that little doll! Preciousness…

  4. Such a pensive look on Addy’s face. Probably wondering what is going on. Sweet story about the little boy’s prayer—I bet he meant he had nothing to think of to be thankful for not that God gave him nothing.
    I am sorry I have missed so much of your beautiful blog–so I scrolled through.

  5. She’s just a doll, when Facebook brings up old photos of our baby girl (10yrs now) I feel like crying. I never want them to grow up.

  6. I didn’t care much for Santa at her age either. There is a picture of me somewhere sitting on his lap crying.
    Love the vintage picture of Santa.

  7. As they say, don’t work with kids or animals – you never know what they are going to do! Reflecting on your comment about Addy wanting to ‘rewind’ – I studied a little of the work of Maria Montessori, and she found that children will repeat a task over and over until they are satisfied they have mastered it and learned everything they can from it. Then (sometimes abruptly) they move on! She is as adorable as ever!

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