So Grateful…

…for our helpers.

We got to Colville on Sunday September 16th with a loaded truck, trailer and RAV. We unloaded some things at our new place and then headed to our son and dil’s to stay until our containers arrived and our internet was hooked up. Dear worked remotely from our kids’ home each morning of this first week.

Monday thru Thursday we cleaned and got things ready for our stuff. Dear has lots of painting to do but we will hold off on that for later.

The containers arrived on Wednesday September 19th. Laura, our dil, flew in on Wednesday and we enjoyed her company and Addy enjoyed some extra attention. Addy’s “dadin” (she calls her daddy dadin) was bow hunting in Colorado and she enjoyed the added family attention while he was away.

Our Satelite TV and Internet service was installed on Thursday September 20th. Because of sketchy cell phone service we ordered a booster which we will install soon.

We started unloading the first container in earnest on Friday September 21st. Our 18 month old grand loves to help and she lifted this light bin and moved it around. Our son Josh arrived on Friday and we enjoyed an extra pair of hands. Friday night was the first night we slept in our new home.

Katie and Andrew arrived late on Friday evening to Dan and Jamie’s and the whole crew came over early on Saturday to empty more of the containers.

Addy was still in her jammies and enjoyed her first breakfast at Baba and Gramps’ house.

Addy loves getting rides on the dolly.

We all laughed as Jamie did the boom box shuffle!

Dan arrived home from Colorado early on the morning of September 23 and after a couple hours of sleep came over to help, too.

Our DIL, Laura took these panoramic photos of the front and back of our property and the rest of these photos in her collage. Always a good feeling to have all the containers emptied, except for the baby grand piano. We are waiting for our son to recruit many more young men to unload it.

Our Sunday crew in our front yard. So grateful to God for each of them and their willingness to help us and grateful to God for his watch care over all of us!

Our internet is working with some cut outs and slow uploading but I’m so relieved that we can get a connection. We still have many boxes to unload and lots of organizing to do so my time remains scarce in blogdom. Hope to be back to more regular viewing soon.

Happy Fall y’all!


About Ellen am a wife, mother, baba (grandmother) and a loyal friend. Jesus is my King and my hope is in my future with Him.

18 thoughts on “So Grateful…

  1. It’s good to have lots of help when moving. Your new home looks spacious and full of light. I always think that empty rooms are full of possibilities. Wishing you much joy and God’s loving presence as you settle into your new abode.

  2. An emply slate – is what I was thinking when I saw the rooms ready to be filled. So much to do, and so special that your whole fmaily could be together to get you started in this overwhelming task.

  3. Hello, Ellen! Your new home is pretty. It is great you have a wonderful family and helpers there to unpack. Wishing you much happiness in your new home. Happy Monday, enjoy your day and new week!

  4. Hurray for you having all of those wonderful helpers, and to have the container boxes emptied into your lovely new home. It is so beautiful there where you live.

    Happy settling in ~ FlowerLady

  5. What a gorgeous setting your new home is in! You will enjoy the view of God’s grandeur each day when you look out your windows. So much light! Now comes the fun of deciding where everything will fit. Blessings to you and Greg as you set your home up. What a gift to have your generous and hardworking family to help you.

  6. Your new home is lovely and looks like you have quite a big yard. Glad to hear you are moving in and things are going good. I wish you and your family much happiness!!!

  7. Such bright and cheerful looking rooms waiting for your homemaking touches and arrangements. How special that everyone could be there to help with this huge task! You will need to take your time now to find everything a place – but also take time out to enjoy the view out of those windows!!! It’s gorgeous there Ellen. I see that Addy will have some cupboards too – so sweet!

  8. SO happy for you and your Dear, Ellen! Your new home is beautiful…I love all of the architectural features throughout the house. Before you know it you will have it looking exactly like your home. You have the rest of your lives to get settled in. xx

  9. What fun to get some peeks at your new home! I see some wonderful architectural features there!

    All of the pictures of Addy on the hand cart made me smile! Adorable! She was having a great time! 🙂

  10. It takes a village – or in your case, just your family! Glad you had so many helping hands, especially that cutie Addy! I am sure you will have the house ship-shape in no time – it looks beautiful!

  11. What a great show of family love and support. Your kids are fantastic Ellen! Little Addie is having the time of her life….what’s not to love for a little one who is care free to just enjoy and be loved and given rides. Sweet innocents to the hard work and exhaustion a move is. Great photos.

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