They Bloom…

…as if overnight!

Addy warmed up to Gramps and Baba with no problems. We are always pleased that she remembers us and lifts up her arms for us to pick her up. We were able to see first hand all the new skills that she has mastered.

She moves and entertains in motion.

Eating cheerios while walking.

Scooting on her (what animal is that?) giraffe?


She has the cutest way of saying she is done eating.

Trying to gather all the numbers from her number puzzle right side up and upside down.

We enjoyed our time again with our kids in northeastern Washington.

Meanwhile Spring is blooming in our western Washington yard!

Lilacs, Pear blossoms and apple blossoms.

What’s blooming in your corner of the world?

About Ellenhttp://I am a wife, mother, baba (grandmother) and a loyal friend. Jesus is my King and my hope is in my future with Him.

12 thoughts on “They Bloom…

  1. Look at all these darling pictures of Addy! For some reason, I am smitten with the “building” photos. I think it’s because she looks slightly baby-ish sitting there in her white sleeper. It makes me want to scoop her up and give her a hug! (Is it weird to want to hug other people’s grandbabies?) 😉

    So glad that you were able to see all these things first hand. Looks like a great visit!

  2. I enjoyed the cute collages of Addy’s busy days! She is learning and growing so fast. Your blooms are beautiful. We had hail overnight so I am afraid for the sun to come up and see what damage has been done to the flowers! I wish you a nice day. xo

  3. Oh those collages are just adorable, what a perfect way to show her charming personality and many developing skills….’ baby books’ can hold so many more memories nowadays.

    Love seeing the Spring flowers (especially the lilacs and tulips) almost all of which we miss down here in the subtropics. Our Daughter just sent me 42 pictures of her yard in Oregon — which made me happy and sad all at the very same time.

  4. Ellen your photos are adorable. I’m not surprised you want to move nearer to your gorgeous granddaughter. Garden is looking good too. I love lilac. Have a great weekend. B x

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