Saturday’s Critters

Our little Addy loves Rayna. Addy’s mom says that Rayna tolerates Addy. I’m sure when Addy is older Rayna will appreciate her more.

It’s been almost a month since we’ve seen little Addy face to face. Hope a trip across the mountains can be accomplished before too long.

Here’s some other critters Dear and I saw on our overnight trip to La Conner. These lovelies were very curious when we stopped on the road to take photos of them at South Fork Farms in Mount Vernon, Washington. Love their faces!

The alpaca is a member of the camelid family, which also includes the llama, guanaco, vicuna and the camel.

Alpaca produce a specialty fiber in 16 different natural colors – white, beige, lt. fawn, med. fawn, dk. fawn, lt. brown, med. brown, dk. brown, bay black, true black, lt. silver grey, med. silver grey, dk. silver grey, lt. rose grey, med. rose grey, dk. rose grey.

Alpaca fiber is five times warmer than sheep wool and more durable than cotton.

Linking up to Saturday’s Critters at Viewing Nature with Eileen. Thank you Eileen!

Happy to say our mystery tree is up with most of the lights on it. As soon as another string of lights go up I’ll be able to put the ornaments on and show you what it looks like this year. Are you ready for next weekend? We’re enjoying our Christmas music and worshiping the one who came for us to live among us and to die on the cross to save us, Emmanuel.

About Ellen am a wife, mother, baba (grandmother) and a loyal friend. Jesus is my King and my hope is in my future with Him.

10 thoughts on “Saturday’s Critters

  1. I get the love/tolerate relationship between animals and toddlers. Our (cantankerous) cat Pinky is happier when the grands grow past the toddler stage!

    The alpacas bring back a memory. When our son was in college, he saw some alpacas at a local fair. He became interested in them . . . and signed up for information before he thought that one through. We got brochures on alpacas for years!!

    Looking forward to seeing your tree! Happy weekend to you! Hope you’re able to see Addy soon!

  2. Like the alpaca pictures. Didn’t realize they came in so many different colors. Have you ever knitted with the yarn? I haven’t but was told that though it is nice and soft and stretches a lot.

  3. Hello, Addy with Rayna is a sweet photo. The alpacas are such sweet critters, I love their cute faces. Wonderful series of photos. Thanks so much for linking up and sharing your post. Thanks also for the comment on my post. Have a great day and happy weekend.

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