Christmas Past and Present

These vintage cards are from my mother-in-law’s stash of Christmas goodies that ended up with us.  Happy to know our cards with our Christmas greetings are on their way to friends and family. We also have antique postcards from Dear’s great great aunt. The postmarks are from 1908-1912.


We still need to buy our tree to bring home and decorate.



We’ve had several dry and very cold days. That is about to change so I’m telling myself that today might be the day to go buy our Mystery Tree before the rains come. For those of you new to my blog our Mystery Tree tradition is an idea I borrowed from my sister-in-law Kelly several years ago. We go to the local big box home improvement store and grab a tree that is wrapped with netting and throw it into our truck or car and bring it home without knowing what it will look like. The one thing we look at carefully is how straight the trunk at the bottom of the tree is. When we get it home we set it in it’s tree holder in the right spot in our living room before we cut away the netting and see what we got. We choose to enjoy it no matter what. We’ve found it to be a tradition that works well for us instead of searching for that perfect tree that caused a lot of stress in the past. (The only problem with this reveal is that we don’t get the chance to shake out all the needles that might have accumulated in the netting)

Do you have traditions that carry on from year to year? Do you still send out Christmas cards? Do you do live or artificial for your tree?

Happy Hanukah to any of my Jewish friends who stop by here.

About Ellen am a wife, mother, baba (grandmother) and a loyal friend. Jesus is my King and my hope is in my future with Him.

14 thoughts on “Christmas Past and Present

  1. Every year I think, “Our old tree (fake) has had its day.” But then I pull it out and it’s alright, so we put it up again.
    I like your surprise tree tradition.
    I write some cards but not as many as I should.
    I bet your little cherub will be fun this Christmas!

  2. I love your vintage cards. Knowing that they were collected by your loved ones must make them particularly special!

    We still send out Christmas cards (although they have not been mailed yet!), and we have an artificial tree after a year in which we had a live tree fiasco!

  3. We do the artificial tree. But ONLY because you can’t get the real kind here. I could use something similar, but it being so hot around Christmas it would be dried up in no time. Your tradtion of the mystery tree is great. No stress and no blaming anyone for not getting the right tree!
    Last year I didn’t send out Christmas cards, but this year I decided too. But only because we made some recent family pics. And I only send out localy.

  4. First of all, your header picture is perfect for the season. Second, your antique Christmas cards are really special, and how about those post marked dates!!!

    Your mystery tree tradition is a good idea. Saves time, I’m sure, and is just a fun way to learn to cope with what you’ve been given (a life lesson is in that).

    Alas, Beloved and I have had only 1 real tree over the years. We are happy with the artificial trees. To each their own.

    I enjoyed your post.

  5. I send Christmas cards, mostly to Europe but some also in Canada. I save all my cards and re- read them during the year. I’m old school, don’t send me e-cards please.

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