V is for Volcanoes

On my recent trip (May 24, 2017) flying from Seattle to Southern California I had a window seat with some nice views of the Cascades Volcanoes of the Pacific Northwest. This first one is of Mount St. Helens which erupted in 1980. This is visible shortly after taking off from Seattle and heading south. If you want to read more information on these volcanoes you can click over to the USGS here.

This might be Mount Hood in Oregon just across the border from Washington State. “The familiar snow-clad peaks of the Cascade Range are part of a 1,300 km (800 mi) chain of volcanoes, which extends from northern California to southern British Columbia. The volcanoes are the result of the slow slide of dense oceanic crust as it sinks beneath North America (subduction), which releases water and melts overlying rock. This rich volcanic zone contains the well-known landmark volcanoes and approximately 2,900 other known volcanic features ranging from small cinder cones to substantial shield volcanoes.”

Over Oregon I saw these that I believe are the Three Sisters. “As population increases in the Pacific Northwest, areas near the volcanoes are becoming developed and more people and property are at risk. The principal hazards to people in the Pacific Northwest are from lahars and ash fall. Lahars (volcanic mudflows) can destroy buildings and infrastructure. Eruptions that include volcanic ash can be especially dangerous for aircraft, even at long distances from the volcano, because volcanic ash can clog and shut down their engines.” Not a cheery thought while flying over these volcanoes.

This is a zoom in on Crater Lake in Southern Oregon.

This last one is over Northern California and I think it’s Mount Shasta.

I’m linking up to ABC Wednesday which was started by Mrs. Nesbitt and is now administered by a few great bloggers.

I’m slowly catching up after my travels with viewing and commenting on blogs. Doesn’t take much to throw me off my game these days. We are promised some nice warmer temps today and tomorrow in the Seattle area and then we get another bout of rain and cooler temps just in time for the weekend. Dear comes home from Chicago tonight and I’m looking forward to that. I usually don’t have to brew my own coffee in the morning. That’s not the only reason I enjoy having him home. Have a good Tuesday!

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19 thoughts on “V is for Volcanoes

  1. I remember when Mount St. Helen’s erupted in May, 1980! Although everyone else actually “heard” it and experienced ash falling from the sky, I didn’t. I was in the hospital in Vancouver urging my daughter to be born. But it (the volcano) certainly was BIG news here. We even joked about naming our little girl “Helen.”

    abcw team

  2. I love the Shasta area, but last spring we tried to go to Lassen (the road didn’t open until June 12 because of snow and there’s more this year!)

  3. Hello, these are awesome views of the mountains. Great series of photos. Happy Tuesday, enjoy your day and week ahead!

  4. This is a fascinating post. We were living in Seattle when Mount St. Helens blew up on May 18 (my sister’s birthday, which is how I can be so accurate about the date).

    As for your husband making your coffee every morning, that is sweet. I know what you mean when you miss the special little things he does for you.

  5. I am also in the club of having my coffee made for me every morning! It’s a good life!

    You have some beautiful shots of volcanoes! (A bit of trivia: My son and his family lived on a volcano for a couple of years.)

  6. This is ll new territory to me as I’ve never been to California but hope to before long. Amazing views you had as you flew. Enjoy being settled at home again!

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