Catch-Up Collages

I have some catching up to do from the month of May. Country mosaics with barns and critters and a special baby girl.

Scenes while driving in central Washington State and Eastern Washington State in mid May, 2017.

The farm above with all it’s red out buildings was taken from the Sprague Rest Area.

On the drive from the Seattle area across the Cascade Mountain range into Central and then Eastern Washington on Interstate 90 you approach the 2nd largest city in population in the state of Washington. Spokane is 279 miles from Seattle and 70 miles south of Colville, our final destination. From the 2014 census figures Seattle has a population of 668,342 and Spokane comes in second with 212,052. Spokane Valley has 91,729. Colville has a population of 4,706. Once we pass through Spokane and head north there are no interstates or freeways, we drive on highways and country roads. On the 70 mile trip from Spokane to Colville we only encounter one traffic light in Chewelah which is approximately 20 miles from Colville.

The collage above shows the approach to Spokane on I-90 and some buildings you can see in the city with a mural on the side of an old brick building. There are a few grand churches in Spokane I’d love to explore and photograph.

Leaving Spokane we see more cattle, horses and deer along the country roads. Deer are one of the most dangerous road hazards in the country. The next collages are from Dan and Jamie’s and close to their home.

Hummers on our kids’ front porch.

This hawk might be the one who is eating our kid’s chickens. There’s a price to pay for being free-range.

A riding lawn mower and a good tractor are a must when you own 20 acres and have to tend to a mile long driveway to your home. I caught a glimpse of Dan mowing the brush around his property. Dear and Dan moved the chicken coup to have better access in the winter.

This little one gives us an extra draw to travel to the country. Thankfully Dan and Jamie are patient with us showing up on their doorstep more often. Soon I’ll be sharing several photos of Addy in some special dresses. Here’s a sneak preview of a haphazard elephant prop pose.

She is such a good sport!

These last shots are of some properties closer to our kids.

Congratulations on making it through one of my catch-up posts. I’ll be linking up to a few parties this weekend since Dear is in Chicago and I have lots of time to myself.

Linking up first to Eileen’s Saturday Critters. Next up will be The Barn Collective with Tom. Last will be Mosaic Monday with Maggie in Normandy. When the link ups become available I’ll add them so you can click over and see lots of critters, barns and mosaics from around the world. Thank you to Eileen, Tom and Maggie for hosting these blog carnivals.

About Ellen am a wife, mother, baba (grandmother) and a loyal friend. Jesus is my King and my hope is in my future with Him.

26 thoughts on “Catch-Up Collages

  1. Are those cute baby smiles I see? Baby Gladys had just started giving those out after all this time of introspection. Grandma Me has yet to earn one all my own!

  2. I didn’t realize that Spokane had grown so much in population. ‘Course, it has been a looonng time since I drove through Spokane. I can see why you love Central and Eastern Washington for its own sake and not just for Addy.

  3. So fun to get a virtual tour of the area and Addy bonus pics at the end. I agree about deer being a serious road hazard. Bernie hit one in early April at 4:30 in the morning. Thankfully he was not injured; thankfully the $6000 on truck damage was mostly covered by insurance. Could have been so much worse.

  4. Hello, this is an action packed post. I love the scenery photos and the barn. Addy is so sweet, cute photos. Pretty captures of your hummer. I always enjoy seeing the cattle and horses, pretty deer too. Thanks so much for linking up and sharing your post. Happy Saturday, enjoy your weekend!

  5. Such a sweet baby!
    I enjoyed the views of the countryside.
    Love the bird photos, especially the Robin on the fence post
    Have a wonderful week-end!

  6. I never thought of Mosaic Monday as a blog carnival but I like the sound of that! You travelled through some beautiful scenery on your way to visit the new family, it must have been a wonderful trip made all the better for having that sweet baby girl waiting for you at your destination. Love the “posed” elephant shot, just lovely.

  7. Precious babe! Love seeing where your kids live. Free range does come at a price, but I’m thankful for free range eggs! Hummers and Hawks — lovely images. Love the barns, too. Happy Monday!

  8. I guess I would be showing up more often if Addy was waiting at the end of the drive, too. Some beautiful country/barns shown here.

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