Spring Has Sprung…

The most vibrant of our azaleas has bloomed.

The fern fronds are unfurling.

Everything is green. Our large rhododendron plants are just starting to open their buds. This is the back side of our home.

This smaller rhododendron is in full bloom.

The rosebud azaleas are close to their prime.

This is view of our side yard looking to the front of our property. Our house is on the left and garage/shop on the right.

Yellow Rhododendrons

I’m real excited about all the peony buds this year!

This is one of our Top Hat Blueberry plants on our deck.  Fresh blueberries are in our future.

We are in another rainy pattern. They are talking about some sunshine in the near future.

Addyson is 2 months old today. We were texted some photos the last couple of days.

They’ve been storing breast milk and daddy was able to successfully feed her for the first time on Mother’s Day.

2 months old with Rayna keeping a watchful eye on her! Isn’t she lovely…So happy for the easy way we have these days to share photos. It makes being far away so much easier. Are you near or far from your grandkids?

Linking up to ABC Wednesday for the letter S. Thanks to Mrs. Nesbitt and her loyal team.

About Ellenhttps://happywonderer.com/I am a wife, mother, baba (grandmother) and a loyal friend. Jesus is my King and my hope is in my future with Him.

21 thoughts on “Spring Has Sprung…

  1. So far, near👍🏻

    Addyson being two months old already is even giving me a jolt about time passing. Love the way parents are documenting a baby’s progress through the first year. Clever and meaningful.

    Your yard looks marvelous. I had no idea that there are yellow azaleas or rhododendrons. The peonies look exceptional. Mine are the spindliest looking things ever.

  2. Such precious pictures of Addy! Love her “superwoman” pose. Your yard looks amazing Ellen! Your close-up of the unfurling fiddlehead is beautiful!

  3. Isn’t it delightful to watch things blooming?!

    Speaking of delightful . . . I love this new collection of Addy photos! Oh my, she is growing!

  4. When we get to Maine in a couple of weeks, I’ll get to experience a bit of spring again. Your Addy is a doll and I know you are loving time with her.

  5. Spring “sprang” late this year for us, too, and last night’s storm made me feel I was back into winter! Will it EVER end!!! Love the baby – she’s adorable! And your flowers are beautiful.

    abcw team

  6. Our Azaeleas have been and gone but waiting for the rhododendrums,
    Baby Addy is adorable and the look of love in Daddy’s eyes as he feeds
    her, Even the dog is sharing in by looking after her…Delightful.
    Our grandchildren have brought immeasurable joy and we are lucky
    to see a lot of them, we are known as The Gramps …
    Best wishes
    Abcw team.

  7. Oh what a gorgeous time spring is for you! Love those blooms, so gorgeous! And that Addy, oh she is such a precious baby! Love how they are capturing her growth each month in such a special way! Wonderful memories to have! Hugs to you today 🙂

  8. Lovely post – all the spring flowers and your sweet granddaughter. My tenth great grandchild arrived three days ago – a dear little girl, I am waiting for the rain to stop too, and all the peonies to break forth!

  9. Such a precious little sweetheart! Can’t believe she is already two months old! Love all the beautiful blooms and signs of spring. The yellow rhodie and the rosebud azalea are especially pretty! I will be so happy to have some sunshine soon! xx Karen

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