Barns in Tulip World

When we travel to Skagit Valley to see the tulip fields we get the added bonus of seeing some barns along the way.

I spy myself taking this photo in our side view mirror!

The purpose of our trip to Skagit Valley was to visit the gardens at Roozengaarde and the bonus were the views along the country roads.

A horse beyond the tulips out of focus but the tulips were the focus of this trip.

I’ll leave you with this masterfully taken selfie of me and Dear. I have a lot of work to do on my selfies, yes?

Our Saturday is a mix of tweaking, painting, sorting, recycling, and trashing. I’ll have a few hours break at noon for soccer south of downtown Seattle. What’s on your agenda?

Linking up with Tom the Backroads Traveler for The Barn Collective.

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11 thoughts on “Barns in Tulip World

  1. Lovely…I think the swirls created with color and form are so attractive. I wonder how much that would cost me in tulip bulbs. I really like the out-of-focus horse…nice macro shot. At least, you can prove that you and your husband were there!

  2. I love your selfies. You and Lovella are having so much fun with them! The barns are beautiful and I really like the one with daisies painted on either side of the barn door! The side view mirror one is good too. Had our little love overnight so the Saturday work will wait till next week – smile!

  3. I am still catching up on my hours after moving three times zones (again). Today was doing the usual–farmers market, house chores, messing in the garden.
    I so love tulips! Imagining fields and fields of them!

  4. I thought I had seen some of those barns before, and then read MB’s comment. I am thinking I saw at least one of them there. Love them any time I see them.

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