A Rare Sunny Morning…

My new header photo was taken at the Roozengaarde Gardens in Mt. Vernon in the state of Washington. When we heard we might have a few hours of sunshine on Tuesday, Dear and I zoomed up north about an hour from our home to see the very end of the tulip festival offerings. I’m first sharing the photos I took out in the few remaining fields of tulips.


The well planned garden and the borders of tulips in alphabetical order to help you know what you might want to order were still lovely to  enjoy. I’ll be sharing photos from those areas next.

We had a warming up today which is much appreciated. We even were able to throw open a few windows to enjoy the fresh air.

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12 thoughts on “A Rare Sunny Morning…

  1. Absolutely beautiful! Question: do they grow these to sell as cut flowers, to harvest the bulbs, or just for the beauty?

    • Elaine, All of the above. They cut some and then when the bulbs are in risk they cut the blooms off. They sell potted tulips, tulip bulbs and fresh cut tulips, too.

  2. So glad you took advantage of those sunny hours and drove to see the fields of tulips. They are absolutely stunning.
    We are experiencing similar weather here in Southern Ontario, Canada with rainfalls.
    Yesterday was sunny and everyone was out to catch some rays. Back to rain the next four days.

  3. Spectacular! Hope that the good weather lasts as it’s the only way to get some decent weather over here…eventually.

  4. Stunning colours. It looks like you are in the Netherlands – so beautiful. Some of my early tulips are blooming. We are looking forward to heading to Ottawa in a few weeks for their tulip festival. Hope the blooms all last till then – we’ve always wanted to go to this but this will be our first time.http://www.tulipfestival.ca

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