Three Days Old…

The view outside the kids windows on day three, Thursday March 23rd. It was nice that the sun was shining this day as this would be Addy’s first appointment at the hospital after being discharged. Later we all ventured over to Jamie’s Uncle Scott and Aunt Rhonda’s home for a birthday party for Uncle Scott.

Addy’s first party gathering. We are all hoping Addy will be sporting a cute dimple like her daddy and mommy.

Four generations here with Jamie’s Granny, Jamie’s mom, Jamie and Addy. Granny’s middle name is May and our Addy’s middle name is now May, too.

Linda (Jamie’s mom) with her brother Scott. Great Uncle Scott got to hold Addy since it was his birthday party but then somehow Addy ended up in the arms of…

Great Aunt Rhonda and Great Granny, too! Addy is blessed with lots of love.

It was a short time at the party then Addy got tucked in her baby car seat and off to home just a couple miles up the road.

Thanks for letting us celebrate with you Scott and Rhonda!

About Ellenhttp://I am a wife, mother, baba (grandmother) and a loyal friend. Jesus is my King and my hope is in my future with Him.

9 thoughts on “Three Days Old…

  1. I enjoyed these photos so much. Addy is so precious and even before I read your statement about the “dimple” from mommy and daddy, I thought the same! Love the 4 generations picture – such a treasure.

  2. I love the mosaic that begins this post as well as the following photo . . . all of those newborn poses with legs all tucked up and arms this way and that. So precious! And that stage is so fleeting . . .

    Truly, all of the pictures are wonderful. Addy is a beautiful baby, and, as you said, much loved. It is fun to see her being held by her adoring fans.

  3. LOVED all of the Addy pictures….especially the one with her snuggled up against her mama. She has such a contented look on her little face. Thanks so much for sharing the birthday party with us.

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