First Full Day at Home

Wednesday March 22nd dawned nicely with these views from our kids’ home. We got to their house with Jamie’s Granny shortly before nine.  Dear was going to make Swedish pancakes for everyone. After looking at Dan and Jamie and how tired they were we decided to stay with them instead of at Granny’s house so we could take care of Addy in between feedings and let mom and dad get some sleep. We gathered our belongings from Granny’s home and moved to Dan and Jamie’s for the rest of our time. Uncle Josh and Auntie Laura were over for breakfast on Wednesday, too, before they headed home. As often as they could Dan and Jamie napped while Dear and I held down the fort and watched after Addy.

Later in the day Addy had a nice grip on Dan’s finger as she slept peacefully after an afternoon feeding.

Rayna looked on to see if all was well with the newest member of the family.

After another feeding we gave the portable cradle a try and it worked great to keep her feeling snug as a bug.

Rayna checks on her regularly.

Daddy is getting quite comfortable holding and comforting his little girl. Steak and roasted veggies for dinner with donuts for dessert. Wednesday evening I stayed up with Addy after her evening feeding so Dan and Jamie could sleep until at least 10 pm.

The first full day at home came to a close. Dear and I were originally planning to drive home on Thursday but decided it would work better for everyone for us to change our plans and stay till Saturday.

I have to agree with so many of you who say and have said that becoming a grandparent is very special. We enjoyed every minute we had with our kids and Addy. Just holding her and looking at her was a sweet treat. It was also great to see how well Dan and Jamie are doing with their new parenting roll. They are really exhausted but they are doing well and helping each other out.

We are all thanking God for our little Addy and for our safe travels and nice time of bonding.

About Ellen am a wife, mother, baba (grandmother) and a loyal friend. Jesus is my King and my hope is in my future with Him.

11 thoughts on “First Full Day at Home

  1. Addy is such a beauty. Her little face is filled out so nicely and just the right amount of hair. I know your hearts will be pulled to “over the mountain” in the weeks to come. When our first grandchild was born we had to go visit her at least every 6 weeks even though we had to travel almost 1000 miles one-way from FL to KY! That’s the kind of pull they have on you. 🙂 It was great that you realized Dan and Jamie’s needs those few first days and stepped in the gap.

  2. Awwwe. Sweet baby girl! So wonderful that you could be there for the birth and the homecoming! I know you will he making that trek often. Grandchildren are the best!

  3. I enjoyed reading about the first full day home. Your children and Addy are blessed to have had you and your husband there. Isn’t it such a wonderful feeling of knowing that you are able to help them in tangible ways?

    I love it that Rayna checks on Addy regularly. Quite the protector.

  4. Those first few days and weeks with a newborn (especially your first) leave you wondering if you’ll ever NOT be tired again! Thankfully, Dan and Jamie have a good support system and lots of help. I am sure it was a huge help to them to have you taking shifts so that they could get some sleep.

  5. For being such tiny bundles, they continue to be labor intensive. 🙂 It makes me smile to see how smitten you all are… May everyone get plenty of rest and may Addy be one of those wonderful sleepers.

  6. First off, Congrats to you all! Addy is perfect for photos, so beautiful and charming and peaceful. Love all these pics in your posts. What a wonderful gift God has given you all.

  7. She is so beautiful with the cutest button nose. I can feel the love and adoration in these first day home pictures. Rayna seems to be very accepting of it all.

  8. Oooo, thanks for giving us a glimpse into sweet little Addy’s first day home. So special that you could be there for the kids and take care of that special little bundle and let mom and dad catch some sleep.

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