L is for Love at First Sight…

Daddy and Gramps looking lovingly at Addy May on Thursday March 23rd. She’s 3 days old in these photos.

Addy and her mom.

Isn’t She Lovely

L is for the love we have for our first grandchild Addy May who is lovely and has stolen our hearts.

Linking up to ABC Wednesday with Mrs. Nesbitt, Roger and the lovely team of administrators.

24 thoughts on “L is for Love at First Sight…

  1. Oh my goodness! CONGRATULATIONS! I remember when my first grandson was born and was over the moon! It’s so exciting, isn’t it! Addy is gorgeous and looks so healthy and I’m sure you are going to rejoice every day for her, especially when you get to babysit! Grandchildren are really a gift from God! Bless you all…

    abcw team

  2. Love that photo of Addy on the quilt with her feet touching. It looks like a birth announement kind of photo. So cute! Also of how everyone is just studying her and admiring this miracle!
    She is loved!

  3. Wow, what lovely pictures of sweet little Addy, she is such a doll! The look she was giving her daddy and grandpa was so special, and I loved the idea with the special quilt to take pictures of her as she grows! How long do you get to stay? Not nearly long enough, I imagine!

  4. What a lovely quilt…and love the Isn’t she lovely…And look at those sweet little feet so perfectly put together. She is so sweet!

  5. My blogging friend Nan (letters from a hill farm) has this quote on her sidebar “”With your own children, you love them immediately – and with grandchildren, it’s exactly the same.” (Kevin Whately) I think NaN and her husband became grandparents around three years ago or so — but the first time I saw that quote on her blog it resonated with me (even though my oldest grandchildren were already in their early 30s by that time. ) It’s actually the same for great-grandchildren too. The love goes on.

    Again congratulations to all…. she is an adorable baby/

  6. Hi Ellen, so sorry I’m late and congratulations to you all upon the birth of darling Addy, she is just so beautiful, I do love new born babies. I like her picture looking at Daddy and Gramps…Golden moment to cherish,
    Love Di.
    ABCW team, xx

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