Happy Birthday to Our Katie Kat…


She is such a great character. She is comfortable in her own skin and in other skins or onesies, too. The “Kat” photos were all taken on our Christmas morning walk.



p1060982 p1060981early-norway-hill6

She’s the little girl we didn’t know we wanted but are so thankful to God for blessing our home with. The collage above are photos of Katie in 2016.

Christmas Eve 013She has been an avid reader since very early on. At the age of four she read a sign at the beach “caution low head clearance” out loud while walking with our friend. We knew we had a prolific reader. What we didn’t realize is that she could read even before she was four!

We think she’d be a great books on cd reader. She’s read so many genres and she has dramatic skills. So if anyone knows of a lead for her to get into that line of work let me know.

Tomorrow we will have a little outing with Katie and Andrew to celebrate her so our festivities continue which is why I’m scarce on line.

Happy Birthday Dear Katie!

We just got word that our Eastern Washington Kids have made it safe over the snowy pass and are through Spokane with about 60 miles to go before reaching home sweet home.


More snow has fallen since they left here to come to our house for Christmas. We hope they can make it up their drive without having to plow it!

Are you all recovering from good food and frolic? Hope all is well and that you are content.

About Ellenhttp://I am a wife, mother, baba (grandmother) and a loyal friend. Jesus is my King and my hope is in my future with Him.

7 thoughts on “Happy Birthday to Our Katie Kat…

  1. What a character she is! Seems as if she’d also make a wonderful teacher in grades 1–4! That’s when a good teacher gets to awaken that love of reading in her students…just like her mother did once upon a time. Happy Birthday to Kati!

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