So Very Merry…

15741187_10211822772990622_5530026256367300875_nMy sister took this photo of my dear old Pop with his youngest great granddaughter on Christmas Eve in California. Christmas Eve happens to be her birthday, too. Happy first birthday dear one!


These are Pop’s grandchildren and great grandchildren that were able to gather together this year 1200 miles from us.


Our kids from Eastern Washington made it over the pass and to our home in time to attend a Christmas Eve service with us.


Katie treated us to a whole lot of laughs when we woke up to see her donned like this for our Christmas morning festivities.


We checked out what Santa had left in our stockings and then had Dear’s Swedish Pancakes for Breakfast. When breakfast was done we crossed hands to pull apart our Christmas Crackers. Our nutcracker themed crackers had whistles in them and instructions to make music together. Katie directed us and we laughed so hard as we each blew our different toned whistles to create some popular Christmas Carols.


We had our annual after Christmas walk and yes Katie was still in her wild cat onesie. Some of us wore our crowns.

15747385_10211510518224520_1859000651677937365_nI have not uploaded any of my regular camera photos. These were all taken with other peoples phones. We are still celebrating together and it will be awhile before I recuperate from all the fun. The girls are thinking about doing a little Boxing Day shopping today.

12 thoughts on “So Very Merry…

  1. Love Katie’s outfit! She obviously has a healthy self-image. And the crowns are such a great touch! So glad you are having a wonderful time together!

  2. Nifty everything! I’m still pretty tired from yesterday too, plus our dear friends are coming today! Need to get down and tidy some more but taking a little break first!

  3. Such fun! I love the picture of your dad with all of his grandchildren and great-grandchildren in CA. Made me wonder why we did not take a picture like that with my mom. I like the melody whistles in your Christmas crackers. That would be fun to try.

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