Prayers for Gatlinburg and Pigeon Forge

To remind me to pray for the people of Gatlinburg and Pigeon Forge I’m re-posting about one of the days from Katie and my road trip from Seattle to Jacksonville, North Carolina in May of 2014. We were driving her and a lot of her stuff back to Camp Le Jeune in anticipation of Andrew’s return from Afghanistan.

Praying for this area of our country that is burning. Praying for rain and containment. Also praying for the people who have lost everything. Not forgetting to pray, too, for the Firefighters and First Responders.

From May of 2014…

We left Hendersonville, Tennessee after a stop at Starbucks and filling up our gas tank at a Kroeger Grocery store Station. Kroeger in Washington is either our Fred Meyer stores or our QFC stores.

SeaJack #6 002

SeaJack #6 004

Right about here on the road our clocks turned forward an hour and we were now in the Eastern Time Zone!

SeaJack #6 007

SeaJack #6 008We really weren’t prepared for our drive through Sevierville and Pigeon Forge and the strange sights we would see.

SeaJack #6 010This was promising but then we drove into the bizarre world of Pigeon Forge.

SeaJack #6 014What!?

SeaJack #6 016The Hatfields and the McCoys!

SeaJack #6 017The Titanic?

SeaJack #6 019We weren’t able to make it to Rushmore and this did not make up for it!

SeaJack #6 023A Bavarian Denny’s? This town had an amazing amount of dinner theaters of different genres to experience. There were some great looking miniature golf properties but so many other tacky unusual properties.

SeaJack #6 025We did not divert our path further to go to Dollywood.

SeaJack #6 027Now this was more like it. This was the scenery we were expecting on our Smoky Mountain Detour.

SeaJack #6 028

SeaJack #6 029

SeaJack #6 035This was in the town of Gatlinburg. This town had a lot of candy shops, donut shops, fudge shops, taffy shops and Whiskey shops.

SeaJack #6 034Ripley’s Aquarium was also located here. I’m scared to think of what kind of creatures you would see in there.

SeaJack #6 053We bought a sandwich here and headed out to our destination on this day which was Asheville, North Carolina.

SeaJack #6 112We laughed real hard when we crossed this river 8 times during our detour!

SeaJack #6 082

SeaJack #6 087

SeaJack #6 117We made it to Asheville at 5:30, checked into our hotel and then got ready for our dinner reservation at the Omni Grove Hotel on their Sunset Terrace. That experience will be a future post!

We are so happy to be here in Asheville for a two day stretch. We spent most of the day at the Biltmore Estate properties today and walked our feet off. We are chilling in our hotel room tonight having a picnic in our room instead of heading out to eat. The weather was beautiful today. Tomorrow we drive our final miles on this road trip across the U.S.A.

Thanks to all of you bloggy friends for following along with us on this journey across the U.S.A.

Now back to 2016 I’ll be linking this post to signs, signs with Lesley.

About Ellen am a wife, mother, baba (grandmother) and a loyal friend. Jesus is my King and my hope is in my future with Him.

15 thoughts on “Prayers for Gatlinburg and Pigeon Forge

  1. It must feel surreal to know that so much of what you have seen is destroyed. I heard it first in Blogdom from Donna at Cottage Days and now here. Went to see images and video online…unbelievable. So sad to think that this is the result of arson. Yes, praying.

  2. Sure glad some rain as come along for them.
    Wow that is some place!!
    I’ve probably said this already but my son David just moved to Ashville.

    • We are fine Amy. This area in Tennessee has had fires that are not contained and several evacuations are in place. We are wet and soppy in the Seattle area right now!

  3. Beautiful Smokies in the spring and so so hard to see this being burnt up so we do indeed pray for rain.
    I loved seeing your visit to this area as it brought back fun memories of our trip there in summer 2015.

  4. That’s a nice tribute Ellen and they sure need our prayers and good thoughts. We actually stayed in Pigeon Forge for a few days (RV) -and then moved to Gatlinburg for a few more. (One of our longer RV travel days, ha ha). It was all a rather a surreal experience I’ll say that. We then went to Asheville as well and loved it — we stayed there until it snowed on Thanksgiving, then headed to our winter destination near Mobile Alabama. Every bit of that trip was new and different country( and people )to a couple of Pacific Northwesterners, as you perfectly understand having been there and done that!

  5. Some friends of ours were staying in Gatlinburg after spending Thanksgiving with some relatives in the South. The town was evacuated that very night, and I kept praying and watching their Facebook page to see that they had made it to safety. Praise God, they did!

    Fire is a devastating thing!

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